Top 5 Health/Fitness Apps For Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+

Samsung Galaxy S9 & Galaxy S9+ smartphones are just arrived in market. Thes both Galaxy smartphones are top notch quality in every corner, gives best performance. And for these both devices we need quality apps to use in everyday usage. So today I am giving you list of top 5 best health/fitness apps for Samsung Galaxy S9 & Galaxy S9+ phones. Now a day everybody is fitness conscious, everyone is regularly doing exercise and searching for good tips about health. In past days, very few resources were available to know more about fitness and to get aware of health-related things but now there are so many varieties are at your service to rescue what you need to know about health, fitness and related things.

Health/Fitness does not only depend on how you are doing exercise and diet, it depends on your daily actions related to fitness means are you doing exercise on daily basis?, what you are eating and the way you are having your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, is your weight in control and much more. If you eat healthy food & exercise daily then there is no need to worry about your fitness. But if you are living very busy life and there is no time for eating good food or to exercise in the early morning then you need to change your habits.

Health Apps for Galaxy S9

If you are working person then you don’t have enough time to take care of your health and to get conscious about fitness, track your daily actions. Here I’m giving you the list of some applications which are specially designed to track your fitness related activities. With the help of these fitness or health apps you can stay fit.

Top 5 Health Apps are as follows:

1. Samsung Health

Samsung Health app was released in August 2016 and it is working to provide us some good features to maintain physical balance. This app will record your daily activities and moves to help you to maintain perfect diet plans and to create a healthy lifestyle. No matter you are walking or running, you are playing or doing some sports activity, you can track each and every physical step using this amazing app. You will be guided via voice prompts while you are doing some workout, it will help to take you on the correct track. Users can check daily health-related news related to your performance and the tips which are shown on your profile that are recommended by professionals. This Samsung Health app is available in 70 languages and every person can download this from play store for free.

2. Runtastic: Running Distance & Fitness Tracker

This app is basically related to cardio exercise means it will help you to boost your cardio training. This app can track your distance, speed, the time taken and calories burned for the activities like running, jogging and walking. Runtastic will track your workouts with GPS and running map and this app has integrated music player so it will cheer you with some cheerful power songs while you are exercising. Runtastic is supported by all wearable devices like all type of smartwatches. Users can access statistics and monitor their progress with running distance tracker and route planner.

3. Lifesum: Healthy Recipes, Food Diary and Diet Plan

As I said earlier, the only exercise is not enough for good health, you have to take correct diet food on time that will help you to increase your stamina. This app is designed to provide you some healthy food recipes and diet plan which are most important things for everyone. It has some good features that are Calorie Tracker, Meal Planner, Nutrition Tracker and Health Tracker. These features can help you and gives you good nutritional food recipes to have. You can download this app from play store on Galaxy S9 & S9+ phones at free of cost.

4. MyFitnessPal- Calorie Counter

If you want to lose weight, get healthy, start new diet plan or get tone up, MyFitnessPal is ready to give you the right directions. This app can suggest you some nutritional information for the daily recipes you cook, can track all nutrients like Calories, Fat, Protein, Cholesterols, Carbohydrates, Vitamins, etc. You can share your accomplishments and see friend’s success and progress to get motivated. This application is available in the play store so you can easily download it on Galaxy S9 duo to improve your health.

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5. Pedometer, Step Counter & Weight Loss Tracker App

With this pedometer you can track your whole steps, walking, weight loss and calories burned by using 24/7. Just download this application, open it and start walking, if your phone is with you when you’re each and every step gets counted. For better accuracy, go to ‘Pedometer Preferences’ and you get all the accurate information about all moves. It will give you step by step audio and video guidance to achieve your ideal level.

These all applications are helping you to improve your health and to make you fit. These all apps are available in play store for your Samsung Galaxy S9 & Galaxy S9+ smartphone store so you can easily download and use it. The interface of all these app are designed so simple so every person can access it without any doubt. Correct exercise plan, Nutrition, Perfect food for good health and Health tips are given in all the apps to achieve your fitness goal. I think this information is enough but if you want something else then you can ask me anything with a commenting in given comments box, I’ll suggest you what you want related to this topic.

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