Top 5 Most Secure Online Cloud Storage Services

Providing security to your data should be the first and foremost priority in this data-driven world. Whether you are a consumer or the business firm secure data storage and easy access to it should be given top priority. Sometimes it become difficult to store your data on the local storage infrastructure due to some inconvenience. To reduce this reliance on local storage service the best option is to store data with online cloud storage services. These days most laptops & mobile phones are coming with large storage space like Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9 and Apple iPhone XR, iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max have 512GB memory storage. Still most customers need extra space to store their data in secure way and also to carry it with them.

When opting for cloud storage services the most important deciding factors are convenience and easy access. There are plenty of service providers which offers cloud storage for your crucial data and you must be wise in selection of the service. To reduce your efforts, we are offering you the list of top 5 best & most secure online cloud storage services that will keep your data safe and give you easy and smooth access to it.

1. Dropbox

Best Online Cloud Service

The Dropbox is the most preferred and reliable platform to store your important files. It offers 2GB of free space which can be increased up to 16GB by referring it to your friends. Dropbox also offers a collaboration space. It is available in two versions one is Dropbox Plus which offers 1TB of storage and the Dropbox Professional subscribers will have 2TB storage space. You can use it for personal use or can share with the other members if you are a corporate user. Dropbox is the most popular online cloud service provider in the world and also it provides security to your data.

2. Google Drive

The perfect and reliable free online storage service provided by Google. Google Drive is the best option to safely store your files and get easy access with them. Save your important files, photos, videos and documents and share them with others easily. If you are Google user or have Gmail account then you are already eligible to the free 15GB storage space for unlimited validity. Download the Google Drive app from Android Play Store or iOS App Store and avail the offer.

3. Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive provides the online storage service where you can store all your important files including photos, videos, and documents. This is the best platform for personal and professional data storage. You can sync all these files with any device and get access to share them with anywhere and anytime. You will get free storage up to 5GB and for the more use you can pay.

4. Box

With the advanced security for storage this provides the best platform to store your data. Box provides free file storage limit up to 10GB and you can manage and share all these files. You will get improved access to all the files at your fingertips. Here you can upload PDF files, photos and all other important documents.

5. Apple iCloud

Appleā€™s iCloud is the paid online data storage service. It provides free data storage up to 5GB and afterwards it is competitively charged depending on the plan which you select. The best option to save your data and get access with it anytime. For the Apple user company provides free 5GB cloud storage and it is only compatible with Apple devices and Microsoft Windows OS on the computers. It is best and most secure online cloud storage for the users.

These are the best online cloud storage services and you can refer this list to switch to the best platform to keep your data safe. All the online cloud storage providers are safe to use and keep your data private and secure. Still we think before uploading your personal data, read their terms & conditions for your safety. Which online cloud service are you using? Give us your opinion in the comments box below.

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