Top 5 Must Have Apps On Samsung Galaxy S8

In this world it is always a better and proud thing to become a businessman. This means we are earning in our own and also feeding other people with our business. But to become businessman is not an easy task. Businessmen are always in hurry and they never had time to sit on one place and handle their business. They have to roam everywhere to grow their businesses. Before some years it was main strategy of business person to grow their business, they roam from one country to another to expand their works and ideas which will help to grow faster. Business people are always in hurry that there are many chances they could forget important stuffs. In such situations apps are useful tools to overcome these problems.

Now mobile and apps industry has solved these problems at some point with their creative business apps, so you can manage your business from one place. Smartphones will solve many of your business problems and also best to give support. Now no need to go from one city to another to attend meetings or no need to forget important meetings, events or business deals. All this can be done by the help of creative apps.

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Mobile can’t change whole way of business but persons or entrepreneurs can use mobile apps at their everyday tasks so it may help them to reach to their customers. Here is our top 5 business apps list for those entrepreneurs or businessman who want to handle their whole world from one place. You can download all these apps on your Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus smartphones.

Best Galaxy S8 Apps

1. Evernote

It is best app for work and management. You can use it to save your important files in the cloud and then you or your other office users can access it from their desktops or from mobiles devices. You can create your own notes or tasks and save it for future plan or new ideas, so there is no way to forget your idea.

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The Evernote is absolutely Google Play Store for Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus and it is highly recommended app for every person. This may help you in many ways so you must keep it in your smartphone.

2. Skype

This is great app from Microsoft. You can send or receive video calls from any location from your business person or your management team. You can also send voice messages if you want. The Skype app can better work in all areas where signal is main problem so we recommend you to use Skype for video calling. The Skype is free in Play Store.

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3. Square

This app is created for online transactions. You can accept credit card transactions from anywhere and money will save on your bank account on business day. It comes with free card reader which plugs directly in mobile devices. Also customers can add tips, sign receipts or receive electronic receipt via text or emails. The app is available in and supporting both Samsung smartphones and other Android devices. If you want to made transactions from your smartphone then this is best for you.

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4. Dropbox

You can store your important documents in cloud using Dropbox. It is one of the best cloud storage in the Store. You can access your saved documents from everywhere. Also you can store videos, PDFs and all important file formats into apps. It works better on every mobile format including iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and any laptop computers. Firstly it gives you 6GB of free data for lifetime.

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If you need more space to save your important files and data then you can upgrade to premium service with some money plans. There are different price plans to increase your storage capacity according to your need. The Dropbox is available in Google Play Store for free of cost.

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5. Webex

With the help of Webex you can schedule, attend and host meetings with anyone in the world. If you are busy person and want to arrange meetings but don’t have time then it can help you. You can send your business file to anyone who present in the meeting, with just swiping the finger on your mobile screen. You can also share your important files and information to your office person from smartphone. The Webex is available in Android Play Store and supporting both Samsung Galaxy S8 and other Android smartphones.

Bonus App:

6. Google Apps

It is not just one app, but a bunch of apps that can be used in many ways. The Google Apps includes Gmail, Search Console, Google Business, Google Adwards, Google Earth Pro and many more Google apps. To use these apps you have to subscribe to Google Apps monthly plan. This service is useful for online business owners or webmasters, because these apps will give almost all needy services all across the world.

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This is our top 5 business app list that you can download them from Android Play Store. Excluding these apps, Play Store some other important apps that can be used in many cases. Google, Microsoft & Samsung are developing new tools to use in many businesses. All apps works on both Galaxy devices for newer Android platforms. If you have suggestions for our top list then feel free to comment us.

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