Top 5 Must Have Apps On Samsung Gear S2

The Samsung Smartwatches have been in the market since last one year and in this calender year they increased their brand in wearable market. Wearable market wasn’t the main market for Samsung till 2014, they weren’t in the game nor in the first 5 brands. In the 2015 Samsung redesigned their whole strategy and created new Samsung Gear smartwatch lines. Last year company took big design by leaving Android from their all smartwatches to go with its own Tizen OS. In the 2015 event Samsung announced that all wearable devices will work with Tizen platform.

Initially, it launched almost 1000 apps and some games in Samsung Gear App( The Samsung Gear App Store) to attract first line customers. There is now new Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and new Samsung Gear S3 Classic models in market but still second generation device is first choice of many users.

Now Samsung has various kinds of wearable gadgets in their Tizen platform, the Samsung Gear S2 is one of them which is doing tremendous job in market. The biggest challenge for this new platform is its empty app store which has nothing but bunch of cheap and mostly unwanted apps (it depends on users) to use. Some developers claimed that the Tizen SDK (Software Development Kit) is hardest kit to develop apps and games, even harder than their own Tizen Phones. It is the reason Gear S2 app store is growing slowly compare to other watches like Android wearables which already pre-installed with bunch of Google Apps.


In the dark side, there is always one way to shine, and that’s happening to Tizen platforms. There are some developers which are hardworking on these smartwatches to bring their popular apps on Tizen. We searched whole market and got some handful apps which are currently on the smartwatch store and they are all highly recommended apps. If you are one of that user which bought Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch then you must know best apps for your wrist watch. Below are the top 5 must have apps for your Samsung Gear S2 gadget.

In the last month Samsung has released another new software update for this smartwatch. It is the Samsung’s care for its all devices and the new firmware update is one of them. In the update Samsung has rolled out many new features which are available on latest Gear Sport & Gear S3 wearables. The Samsung Gear Sport exclusive watch faces are also available in Gear store. If you haven’t downloaded new software version then do it now.

1. Uber

Uber is the main leader in online taxi services, they have taxi service business in most countries including India. The app landed in store last month and it is official app from Uber developers. Call taxi online or make ride, watch live map of the taxi or arrival time on your area. It also comes with all Uber options including UberX and Pool features. It is well designed and specially made for rounded bezels. If you want to call taxi online then Uber is the best option.

2. Here Navigator

All the Samsung Android gadgets comes with bundles of Google apps which completes most use of customers, but here things are different because it is not Android. Google Map is also missing app here, but Samsung solved this issue by tie up with Nokia’s Here Navigator, the best competitive app for Google Map. Search the location, turn-by-turn navigation, time & distance and easy direction in driving or walking mode and all are the simple to understand. Samsung tied up with them but it is missing in smartwatch, you need to download it from the store.

3. Twitter Trends

Another must have app to use in the everyday work. The Twitter Trends will stay you up to date with new tweets right on your screen. Just download this app and later it will take care of itself. Sign in to your Twitter account and get all the Tweets without going into the Twitter app. It shows new tweets on main screen below time and date. If you always look at tweets or you follow your favorite team or celebrities then you must download Twitter Trends app.

4. News Briefing

Flipboard is not present on the Tizen platform, instead you can use News Briefing app. It gives all kinds of news below one roof. You can select your favorite categories and only get news from selected websites. It built with care to perform in between rounded corners. The app is in initial step so there might be problem with its font size, remaining all functions are fine.

5. Mr. Time Maker

If you like to change look of Gear S2 then you can install Mr. Time Maker app, the only kind of app which contains many watch faces. Design your watch in your own style, give fabulous style and adds useful widgets on home screen. There are different methods to customize and all of those are free.


6. Bubble Bash 3

Well, this is not app but the game from giant game developer Gameloft, they exclusively launched Bubble Bash 3 on Gear S2. It is built for Gear S2 so you don’t have to worry about its control and gameplay. It created in that way in which you can get it into the bezel. The game is Match-3 genre where you have to match pair of three same kind of bubbles. It has many cool features inside gaming and you will get fun by playing it.

7. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline

It works like charm on every devices and Gear S2 is not different. You will find every joy in the Asphalt 6: Adrenaline racing fun. Sadly, Asphalt 8: Airborne is not available in Gear Manager app store, instead you can play this one. You may find difficulties while playing it on the tiny screen, still it is best work on Gear S2. This game also available for new Gear Sport smartwatch launched 2 months ago in Samsung event.

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These are our top 5 must have app list for Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch. The list is not stop here, thousands of apps are arrived in store to complete your need, just go into the Samsung Gear App Store and install of these. Samsung still lacks in app links so we can’t provide you app links, to download them you need to go in Gear App store.