Top 5 Must Have Apps On Samsung Gear S3

Samsung Gear S3 is now almost 2 year old model in the market though still most customers prefers it over the other smartwatches. Even Samsung’s own Gear Sport wearable is far behind in the sale as well as in popularity. Most users choose Samsung Gear S3 due to its great design and valuable support from Samsung. That’s a reason after 2 years this model is in best business. It is best selling smartwatch in the world market, it has even beat Apple Watch 3 & Android Gear Watch in last two years. The unique watch faces and customized apps are pro side of this gadget.

In last few years many developers have turned to the Tizen platform to create thier best apps. Specially, after the release of Tizen 3.0 software version it became very easy to make apps & watch faces for this wearable.

In our last article we have covered some most important apps for Gear S3 so this is the second article for other best apps that we haven’t covered or some apps which were not released at that time. If you have bought new Gear S3 smartwatch then you must need these apps on it. If you haven’t bought yet then get it one from online retailers, they have bigger sale right now. Now here is the list of top 5 must have apps on Samsung Gear S3 wearable. All the given apps supports on both Gear S3 Frontier & Gear S3 Classic so just download them.

Gear S3 Apps

1. Spotify

This is the first must have apps for Gear S3 users. The Spotify is one of the biggest music streaming app in the world. You can find any of your favorite music songs on your device. For the Gear user, company is giving free 6 months subscription, later you can pay as per your plan. Also in the last app update it has added offline music supports, that means you can listen songs without internet once you download it. To download it go to Gear App Store and install it.

2. Flipboard

The best news reading app, Flipboard is available on Gear S3. You can read any news from all around the world on your wrist. Just install the app and select your category. For example, select one of the news category like Business, Technology, Politics, Science, Movies, Sports, Space etc. After that you can read all the news from that specific category. On the screen you can read summary of the news, if you want to read full news then connect it with your smartphone.


The XENOZU app is best for viewing YouTube videos on your digital watch. You can watch trending videos and movie trailers on Samsung Gear S3 by using this app. If there is celebrity video or one new movie trailer then the app will let you watch it. The XENOZU app is not complete, there are too many features to cover. Still if you need video streaming app then you can install it.

4. Uber for Gear

This is the official Uber app for Gear S3 smartwatch. You can book a ride right from the app. Also see live track of your upcoming ride with its details. You will get all the Uber options that you get on your Samsung Android smartphones. Book a ride or cancel it, see live track of your car or see a route. This all you can do with the app. It will show you live map of your destination from start to beginning. The app is available in Gear Store.

5. Find my Car

The Find My Car may not be useful for some users, but for some users this is must have app. If you have a habbit of forgetting exact route of your car or you are not getting exact path to reach to your car then this app is time saver. Just connect Find my Car app with your car and forget it. Next time whenever you forget your car then take the help of it.

These are the top 5 must have apps for Samsung Gear S3 Classic & Frontier Smartwatches. All the apps are free in the Gear Store to download, for some apps you have to pay for their services. The Spotify & Uber will charge you for the different services. All the remaining apps are absolutely free of cost. The official Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter & Instagram apps are not available on Gear watches so till then you can get these apps. If you want to add more apps into this list, then feel free to tell us in the comments section.