Top 5 Telecom Operators In World (By Subscribers)

Every year smartphones are catching new heights with their best services. Before 10 years mobiles were just a baaic devices whose main purpose was just calling. But now when we look back we see lots of things are changed. With the smartphones telecom companies are also becoming smart. Still main feature of every smartphones is calling and it will awkward if this area not upgraded with the world gadgets.

Now in the world over billions of people uses smartphones in their daily use so it is main work to provide them quality services. It is very difficult work for telecom operators to provide them best services in every area. It is must for every operators to deliver wide range in every area because every user want better quality without call drop or weak network signal.

More people are becoming smart to choose best operator. User always give priority to that operator who gives them best offers with quality services. In the telecom race user satisfaction is most important part and customer will join that operator who satisfied their need. The Internet services are also important factor in quality base. With the rising of 3G and 4G technology more customers want fastest internet speed without loosing signal strength.

In world there are some telecom operators which are providing these all features to their customers that’s why they are on the top in the world. If you are also in one of these countries then you should know about them. Here are the list of top 5 best telecom operators in world which are providing best services to their customers. We chose these list on subscriber base and their quality services.


1. China Mobile

China Mobile is on the top spot due to its quality services. It is Chinese company and provides telecom services in the country. It has more than double customers than any other telecom operators. Till the July 2015 China Mobile has 818.78 million customers. It acquired 6 operators in country and become biggest operator in world. It only provides services in China and their quality services and best user satisfaction make them king of telecom industry.

2. Vodafone

Everyone knows about this operator and many users might used this operator once in their life. The Vodafone is a British company and stood at second place. It has 449.19 millions customers in the world. They have businesses in more than 13 countries and rising every year. They have massive customers from UK, India, Australia, Italy and Germany. They mainly provides 2G, 3G and 4G services in many countries and planned to launch 4G services in India from December of this year.

3. Airtel

The Airtel is number one telecom operator in India and it is 3rd largest operator in world. They provides services mainly in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and African countries. Airtel also the first operator in India which provides 4G LTE services in country over 2300MHz and 1800MHz bands. In the world they have 331.38 million customers. Most Indian customers prefer Airtel due to their quality services in urban and rural areas where they provides wide range. It has very strong base in India and it is rising rapidly in South Indian countries and in Africa continent.

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4. America Movil

The America Movil is 4th largest company in the world and it is one of the top operator in South and North American Continental area. It had 288.80 million customers in world and makes it strongest operator. It has powerful network in all regions and customer satisfaction also top quality. They provides 2G, 3G and 4G LTE services in many countries on FDD-LTE and TDD-LTE network.

5. China Unicom

This is another Chinese telecom operator which is in top list. The China Unicom is 5th largest operator in world. It has 288.41 million customers in China and it is very close to America Movil in customer base. In the near future it is very interesting to see which one will stay on 4th position in between these two operators. The China Unicom is government company that’s why its customers are only from China. It deliver services over 2G, 3G and 4G LTE network and it also gives best customer satisfaction in the country.

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These are 5 best telecom operators in world due to their world class services. User chooses these operators because they delivers best services in their areas with the quality and true customer satisfaction. That doesn’t mean other operators are bad, they also good but here I chose best of 5 in all those operators.