Top 5 Unique Features On New Samsung Z2

Samsung Z2 is new device in Tizen platform with some unique features that we want on our devices. Samsung made it in a such way that everyone wants to upgrade it over their previous model, either that is their predecessor phone or other basic Android phone. When Samsung planned to launch Samsung Z2 in market then they built it for all the users who want one reasonable phone with a good price. They succeed in their strategy, now all users in low level price category are buying this phone over other Android or Windows phone devices.

When my friend asked me to purchase one simple smartphone with basic price then I suggested him Samsung Z2, and explained him about its powerful features. He agreed with me and bought this device from local store. Now he is very happy after buying Z2 which completes all his needs in low price.

It has same display as first Tizen smartphone Z1, but this one has sharper and crystal clear display compare to Z1. The processor is quad core upgraded from dual core on previous models along with 1GB RAM. In the camera department it has 5MP quality camera on back side and VGA camera on front side. It runs on Tizen 2.4 version and packed with 1500mAh battery power which let it run up to 9 hours in active mode.

Samsung Z2 Features

These are the basic features on this gadget, along with there are also top 5 best must have features on Samsung Z2 which makes it better smartphone in market. You must know these top 5 features on Samsung Z2 that matters to all new users who want to buy it.

1. It supports 4G LTE network

Samsung Z2 is the first Tizen smartphone which supports 4G LTE network. That means that it is eligible to download and upload files much faster. The world is moving very fast towards 4G technology and it is good that Samsung Z2 is eligible for it. It supports all the 4G bands in the countries where it launched. In India it comes with free unlimited data and voice services for 90 days from Reliance Jio operator.

2. Exclusive My Money Transfer app

It comes with exclusive My Money Transfer app to help banking customers. With the help of My Money Transfer app users can make transactions from their bank account to other account. It is very simple and secure service to send money to your family or clients. You don’t have to download this app, it comes pre-installed on Samsung Z2.

3. S Bike Mode feature

It is another feature borrowed from other Samsung smartphones. S Bike Mode is already present on other Samsung devices, on Samsung Android devices it comes along with other features. The main aim of Samsung ‘s S Bike Mode feature is to alert users that caller is on driving mode and wait till he makes call back.

4. Special Days

The Special Days feature also comes exclusively on Z2, it is very good option to celebrate our festivals or main events. By using Special Days feature you can set wallpaper of upcoming festivals. You can set your favorite festival from total 54 festivals. When you select then it will automatically set wallpaper on that festival day.

5. 1GB RAM & quad core Speedtrum processor

Samsung Z2 is powered by quad core Speedtrum processor locked at 1.5GHz chipset. The first generation Z1 had come with dual core chipset, but to give Tizen more power this time they launched with quad core chipset. That’s not only the best part but also it has 1GB of RAM to make it super smooth in heavy usage.

These top 5 features makes Samsung Z2 a complete device to most users. The list not stop here, we have more features which only available on Z2. The My Jio app, Jio Cinema, Jio Music and Jio Express News apps are exclusively available on only Z2 device. If you have Jio SIM then you can unlock these all apps to get free services from Reliance Jio operator. With the Jio SIM you will get free 4G internet data and free voice calls till 31st December. The customers from India can get this offer from your local Reliance digital store. If you are confuse to buy new Samsung Z2 then you must look at these features.