Top 6 Best Tips To Increase Battery Life On Tizen Smartphones

This is 2016 and we are still facing battery drain problem on our smartphone gadgets. You remember when we had marvelous Nokia feature phones in our hands, that time we never worried about faster battery drain problems. Without any hiccups we had used those phones for week and in standby mode more than that, but now days everything are changed and our smartphones now eating much battery than we expect.

In last 10 years we seen extraordinary evolution in mobile devices, we can see that difference in first iPhone to today’s iPhone 6s or Samsung Galaxy S to Galaxy S7. These devices are adding advanced technology every year that they are now somewhere competing with laptops and tablets.

Today’s smartphones got bigger displays, powerful processors, world class camera lenses on both sides, double the RAM and more advanced software functions in their core. These all features in one phone make them best gadget to use, but they all lacks into battery performance which are also main part on any device.

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On today’s smartphones biggest problem is the battery which drains faster. It is big problem on Tizen devices because of their heavy software functions. If you compare Apple & Tizen with Android devices then surely Android devices consumes more battery power (excluding phablet devices like Note 5) in daily use.

Even newer operating system Tizen has more battery life than Android, its Samsung Z3 gives better battery result than Galaxy S7 in every conditions. So you can think how it is becoming major problem in Android smartphones. But don’t think battery power on Tizen is enough to you to use it in gaming or other operations.


The main disadvantages of lower battery performance is that you can’t enjoy your phone and we need to sacrifice it everyday in every tasks. First and most important disadvantage is playing games on it, and without sufficient battery you couldn’t complete your game missions. Also if you love to watch videos on YouTube or from your offline video player then poor battery life will let you switch off your phone, and it is not ok for every users.

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Poor battery performance is also main headache for those people which are always on roaming or outside their homes due to their office works. They can’t charge their batteries in roaming which creates them big trouble. If you also facing these problems then I have some tips which can make your phone more smarter than before. Well with these tips I can’t promise you double battery life but these tips can improve your battery life with some percentage. Read these following killer tips to increase battery life on Tizen smartphones.


This is the main reason for battery drain, it can eat your whole battery in double speed and you don’t observe it. When you use Web pages then they connect to that perticular website’s server and if it is in rush hour then difficult to catch it. Same happens to your mobile network, when you switch on internet network then first it try to catch nearest telecom tower and if there is something problem creates to catch then it will search another tower, this whole process can cause most battery drain problem, so if you don’t have any argent work then my advice is to put your internet setting off.


This is another battery drain problem in smartphone world. Most users put their smartphone brightness at highest level and due to that they compromise with their battery life. If you put brightness at lowest point then it can save much battery power for your future use and you will see much improvement in your battery life.


Most business people want this feature on, so they could get their important notifications in their notification panel. The main feature of Synchronization is to provide you latest notifications from your signed up functions such as emails, games, apps and some other activity notifications on your bar.

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This can also eat your most battery, it always search your phone for latest notifications and that’s why in the background it always runs 24 hours a day. If you are not business person or you don’t need any new notifications then you must put it off.


Well these days many users kill their used apps when they finished using them. But till there are some newbie users which are unknown to it and think that there is no need to close all used apps. That’s a reason they count the cost in the battery performance, because they think one single app can’t define their battery performance. The fact is one single app can too consume your most battery life and in that some are Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Hungama etc. These are some battery killers on Android and it is always better to close them every time when you finished using them. To close them tap on left button on your smartphone and from task manager close them all.


Not everyone recommend you this tip but I give you advise to choose your smartphone wisely. Most devices consume lots of battery power because of cheap processor chipset, so if you are planning to buy new smartphone then first check out its processor. If you choose excellent chipset device then in the first place it will solve your half of the problems by saving much more battery. This is all depends on you, because not every smartphones are power efficient and they can’t solve your problem, but on other hand if you get one high end smartphone then definitely it will come with power efficient chipset.

The new Samsung Z3 is one of them and it has very power efficient processor which saves most battery in heavy tasks. The Tizen operating system is already ready to save most of the battery juice and with these above steps you can save even more battery power.

6. Use Ultra Power Saving Mode

It is the new feature added in new Tizen version for all Samsung Tizen Smartphones. The Ultra Power Saving Mode is best option to save battery juice. The feature is specially made by Samsung for their all smartphones including Android and Tizen, it works better on all their Android smartphones and now Tizen phones can get benefits from it. To activate Ultra Power Saving Mode feature go to Settings and activate it. Just know that after the activation you can use only basic and useful apps, so my advice is use it when your battery goes down or you want to save battery for future use.

Surprisingly, both new Tizen smartphones Samsung Z4 & Z2 are capable to keep themselves charge in extreme conditions. It is the result of power efficient Tizen operating system and features like Ultra Power Saving Mode let it live longer in multitasking.

These are the best killer tips from us to save your battery life and increase it in some percentage. If you follow these simple steps then they all are excellent and easy to use. There are some apps in Tizen Store which promise you to extend your battery life in daily use, but they all comes with some money so everyone can’t by them, so you must go with these tips. If you found this article helpful then share it with your friends.