Top 7 Best Games To Play On Samsung Z4

The new Samsung Z4 Tizen smartphone is going to start new era for Tizen platform. It is the most powerful device in the Tizen world till to date and I think it will grab most customers for Samsung. The new Tizen 3.0 version on Samsung Z4 is most advanced operating system and has many new features to handle complex and multitasking works. The 4.5-inch screen with 1.5GHz quad-core processor along with 64-bit chipset and 1GB RAM will definitely run this device smoothly. For the gaming fans it is good combination to play their high graphics games on such smartphone which has everything for gamers.

Now after the rise of Tizen OS many developers are creating their popular games here. Like as the recent Modern Combat 5 title from Gameloft developers are big example of it and the another one is Temple Run 2 game from Emangi Studio.

Best Samsung 4G Games

There are now plenty of games in Tizen Store to play on new Samsung Z4 smartphone. These all games are high graphics and good in visual effects. Here is the list of top 7 high graphics games to play on Samsung Z4 Smartphone.

1. Modern Combat 5

The Modern Combat 5 is first game in our list. It doesn’t matter which mobile platform you are using, it is always the number one choice from gamers. High quality graphics made by expert developers looks stunning on this device. Special effects are mind blowing and background music is worth to hear. The story line is perfect to play it all the day without skipping any part. The Modern Combat 5 is free game in Tizen Store and works fine on new smartphone.

2. Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is best creation from Imangi Studio and also best creation in endless running games. You can play this type of games whole day even in the boring time. Run as long as you can and collect coins to boost your score. It has gaming shop to increase your power which helps you to get more score. The Temple Run 2 game is free in Store.

3. Fruit Ninja 2

The Fruit Ninja 2 is tap and slice type game. It launched on all Tizen smartphones and it already downloaded by many users. You have to slice all the fruits on the screen. But beware, all are not fruits on the screen, there may be bombs and other obstacles too. Every fruit slice will give you some points and bad slice will cut off your score.

4. Plants Vs Zombies

This game is made by EA developers, well known for their best quality games. The Plants Vs Zombies is the tower defense game. Don’t defend tower or castle in it, instead you have to protect your garden from zombies. Plant your plants on the right spot and kill all the zombies. It has many levels and missions to complete. Plants Vs Zombies is now available in Tizen Store for Samsung Z4 Smartphone.

5. Asphalt 8: Airborne

The Asphalt 8: Airborne game firstly launched on Android and iOS platform back in 2014. Still it is most recommended racing game on all mobile devices. Best quality graphics and extra ordinary visual effects are Plus points of it. Choose your favorite car and compete against other players. Play in the favorite cities of world and show your driving skills. Use many kinds of techniques to stay ahead into the race.

6. Play Cricket

New Play Cricket game is for cricket fans. There are millions of cricket fans in many countries and they want to play a good sport game. This game is perfect to play on new phone. Choose your favorite player and make highest runs on the board. You can see all the details on the screen. The characters are too cartoonist but gaming control is good to handle it. To get Play Cricket go to Tizen Store and download it.

7. Hotel Transylvania 2

The Hotel Transylvania 2 game is based on original movie with the same name. Customize your city, serve your ghost customers, decorate your hotel and play mini games inside the gameplay. It has too much to do and every characters are made with a extra care. It has lovely monsters, funny and some are scary, but everyone are lovely. The Hotel Transylvania 2 is not free game, you have to spend Rs. 50 ($0.80) to buy this game from Tizen Store.

These are the top 7 best high graphics games to play on new Samsung Z4 Smartphone. Without a doubt these all games are worth to spend your time. The last one Hotel Transylvania 2 is the only paid game into the list. Remaining all are free games into the store. Now go to the Tizen Store and install these all games on Samsung Z4.