Top 7 Best High Graphics Games For Tizen Phones

The smartphone without apps and games has no value, if it has quality apps and games then any user can spend their time with their favorite smartphone. Till last year, Tizen Store was also empty without apps and games, but this year it has many valuable games. It is very hard to any new smartphone Operating system to attract authority developers to build their exclusive games on it. In past it happened with Android and Windows Phone which was in trouble due to lacks of quality games. In front of iOS platform both OS were very little in apps and games, later Android got that position and now with the compare, it has same numbers of games.

Tizen is very different from both that platforms, from the beginning it comes with some useful apps and quality games. Samsung already bound with top game developers for their Tizen games including world famous Gameloft and EA ventures which are popular for their exclusive titles on mobile phones. Tizen Store has now more than enough playable games and you must like it on your new Samsung Z4, Samsung Z2, Samsung Z3 and Samsung Z1.

Tizen can work at its top score in limited hardware and software features, that’s why every games on it are super smooth and loads without any bugs, so you can enjoy gaming without any hiccups. If you also want to play high graphics games on your Tizen Phones then here is the list of top 7 best high graphics games for Tizen phones.


1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

The Asphalt 8 is the number one game in Tizen Store due to its high graphics and stunning special effects which produces jaw blowing gameplay. It comes with many levels and competition and also has wide varieties of cars to perform. You can choose any cars from the premium ones and some are for few dollars, but don’t worry if you don’t want to purchase any car then you can unlock them from game coins. The game is available for absolutely free in store.

2. Hill Climbing

The Hill Climbing is another dashing title for Tizen and this one also free. Perform best stunts on the hill with your classic motorbikes, but be careful, path is not easy, it has many challenges on the road. Climb the hill before fuel goes out empty and be careful on the hill when you are driving it steady. It don’t need any in-app purchasing, without spending single coin you can play it.

3. Despicable Me: Minion Rush

The Despicable Me: Minion Rush is another quality game from Gameloft developers. It is endless genre and has everything which you need in the racing game. The users which are missing Temple Run 1 & 2 and Subway Surfers game then they have chance to play Despicable Me with Super cute minions. The graphics, gameplay and visual effects are worth to play it.

4. World Cricket Champs

The World Cricket Champs is made by Games2Win India developers for the billions of cricket fans. Cricket is main and favorite game in South Asia and by launching it many players can play it on their Tizen OS. Play as a cricketer and score highest by hitting sixes and fours in minimum overs. You can choose your favorite players and also select batting or bowling first. The game is free in store and works fine on Samsung Z3.

5. Balloon Shoot

The balloon shoot is another addictive game in store and it is also free for everyone. Take the bow and shoot many balloons as you can and make highest score. Drag your finger on bow and stress it backward to shoot bubbles. There is not many content in gameplay but it is fine to kill your free time. The game is new in store but has fantastic gameplay.

6. The Speed Ninja

The Speed Ninja is running genre and created by PlayTouch developers. Perform best Ninja stunts in this title, actually it is racing game so you need to run longer in it, but its Ninja moves are superiors. It is free game in store and if you need help then you can take help of in App purchasing which will survive in difficult modes.

7. Sky Fighter

The Sky Fighter game is made by Song Wang developers. It is action game and perfect for those who want to play battles. You can use many kinds of weapons and different skills to kill your enemies. Play battles with many kinds of enemies and finally fight with boss to win the battle. It has gameshop to buy health packs and extra missiles to survive in war. I can’t say it is AAA game like console games but sure it can kill your free time. The Sky Fighter is free in Tizen Store and works better on Samsung Z3.


8. Modern Combat 5

We put it in bonus list because Modern Combat 5 is must play game on every Tizen smartphones. It is the best action game on mobile smartphones. The high graphics gameplay, thrilling visual effects and jaw blowing levels & modes makes it best FPS game. It is 5th game in original Gameloft series of Modern Combat and we can say they have made excellent progress. The game is original from its Apple & Android version and you can play it on all Tizen smartphones. Download it free (includes IAP) from Tizen Store.

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These are the top 7 best high graphics games for Tizen Phones and you can download these from Tizen Store. If you want to suggest some more games then you can contact us and I will add them in our next article. In the list I haven’t added Temple Run 2, Plants Vs Zombies or Fruit Ninja games, because I already have covered them in other article. If you found this article helpful then share it with your other friends.