Top 7 High Graphics Games To Play On Samsung Z2

Games and apps are the major part of any platforms to make it usable. Without any single apps or games no one wants to use it, or user will be switching to other platforms. In the initial stage same happened with Tizen platform, due to its little age and unavailability of apps. That’s why in the first few months many customers decided to find another stop. After the rise of Tizen OS many developers are turned to create their best apps on this new OS. Initially they introduced their small works to check out user’s response, and when later they found out it is good platform to sell their apps then they released their quality works.

Now within two years of release of Tizen smartphones we have full of quality apps and games in Tizen Store. In app categories games are the most downloaded category. Users loves games on every platform, when they finds new quality games then they always try it on their smartphones. In the last few months we had seen many high quality games in the store. The games from big developers who won billions of hearts with their creativity.

Samsung Z2 played big role into it to attract more developers all from the world. Its presence in 6 countries make it more popular smartphone than its predecessor phones. It has powerful specs to handle high graphics games without any glitches. The Speedtrum processor, 1GB RAM and good battery life makes it best gaming device in Tizen. In the Z2 store there are thousands of best quality games to enjoy in your free time. To let you play these top games I will give you list of top 7 high graphics Tizen games to play on Samsung Z2. If you bought new Samsung Z2 smartphone then you must try these 7 games on your smartphone.

Samsung Z2 Games

1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

There’s no doubt that Asphalt 8: Airborne is number one best quality game in Tizen Store. It has eye dropping high graphics and one of the best standard visual effects. It beats every records to make it must play racing game. Challenge other opponents on the various roads with the beautiful surroundings. Choose your favorite cars and catch boosters in gameplay to increase your speed. Every victory will unlock lots of rewards, bonus and more levels.

2. Temple Run 2

The Temple Run 2 is the biggest franchise game in Tizen Store till to date. It is one of the most played games on every platform including Android and Apple. It is most played endless runner title, thanks to its unique gameplay and best graphics. Save yourself from deadly animal, run as long as you can by avoiding many obstacles and other breakers. Catch many rewards on the way and make your personal high score.

3. Plants Vs Zombies

The Plants Vs Zombies is famous for its tower defense gameplay. You have to save your tower from zombies, don’t let them come into your garden and eat your plants. Plant many plants and other nuts on their path to stop them. The Plant Vs Zombies has many missions and levels with unique techniques. Defeat all zombies and save your lovely garden. The game is free in Tizen Store.

4. Hill Driver

The Hill Climb Racing is another title landed in Tizen Store. Update: Hill Climb Racing title has removed from Tizen Store so instead you can play Hill Driver game. It has strategic gameplay. Drive your bike or vehicle on the deadly hills and roadways without losing your life. It needs physics and your special skills to drive on high hills. Don’t go out of fuel or don’t waste time when driving, otherwise you will loose gameplay. It is free game and to download it you don’t have to pay any money.

5. Cyberline Racing

Cyberline Racing has action packed shooting with the danger race in the world. Race among other racers to survive in this crucial world. This is just not race but the key to save your life. Compete against other 15 opponents and show your racing experience. Use many types of weapons or guns to destroy your enemies and become number one champion.

6. Action Strike

Action Strike is action shooting game. This is great title to check your aim by shooting at your target. Use many kinds of weapons to kill enemies, which you get into project. You have to kill your targets to earn money. Perfect head shots will give you extra points. Kill all the terrorists with gun, armors and save your nation. It has better graphics, background music and special effects.

7. Zombie Reborn

Zombie Reborn is zombie shooting game where you have to kill all the zombies. There are thousands of zombies in the city, take your place and kill all the zombies. You can use powerful weapons to kill them or use extra skills when they comes in large numbers. You are the only survivor in the city so you must kill all dead people. Use rifles, grenade and bomb to attack on zombies.

8. Modern Combat 5

I like to add Modern Combat 5 game into this list. It is the perfect example of how one game should be created. It is the best example of high quality graphics and jaw blowing special effects. Gameplay is even better and background music at its best. You can play it on Samsung Z2, you may face some glitches due to limitation of hardware.

In the last few months many games has released on Tizen. The first popular title Angry Birds, touch & slide title Fruit Ninja, Gameloft game Asphalt Nitro are some best genres to play. The list will never end for best games in store. I just tried to give you top 7 games and I will cover remaining top games later in other articles. To show true power of your Tizen smartphone go to Tizen Store and download these top 7 best graphics games on Samsung Z2.