Top 7 Main Features On Tizen 3.0 Update

Previous Tizen version 2.4 was the most used Tizen update version till to date and it gave us many good features that we wanted on our new born operating system. Now with the release of latest Tizen 3.0 update boundaries are set apart. It is the version that we wanted in first place and always demanded for it. The new Samsung Z4 is the first device to get new version on it and now Samsung Wearable Gear Sport also have it. Company confirmed new firmware will come to Gear S3 Frontier & Classic models, afterwards all remaining gadgets in coming days. The new Tizen 3.0 version is now available on Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch. Sadly, it has to come on Samsung Z2 & Samsung Z3 Tizen phones. Samsung might launch newer version on these devices when it is possible.

Tizen 3.0 software update brought too many features along with it that now it is not a just simple OS with initial functions, same as basic phone. It now grows with the time and attracted many developers to build one new world. In the addition Samsung brought all the needy features of Gear Sport on Gear S3 & Gear S2, makes them brand new Samsung wearables.

It was the drawbacks of last Tizen version we missed many functions, the functions every customers always needed. Like as a video calling feature was missing in last firmware, either it is WhatsApp video calling or default video calling.

This will not happen any more. Samsung released new Tizen 3.0 firmware with lots of improvements and added extra features. Let’s look at those new features from next software update. Here is the list of top 7 best features on Tizen 3.0 update that you should know.

Tizen 3.0 Features

1. Support for 64-bit chipset

This is the top most feature on the Tizen 3.0 version. It will perform many tasks on your device that was impossible to previous version. Now gamer can play much better games on Tizen, thanks to 64-bit support. The apps and multitasking will not get extra load when uses phone for longer duration.

2. Dual profile Apps

Create separate profiles of single app on your Tizen smartphone. This cool feature let you use dual app on single device. For example if you have two WhatsApp accounts for both SIMs then you can use this feature to use both accounts simultaneously on a single device.

3. Create multiple users on single device

Now user can create multiple accounts per user on his phone. Sometimes you share your phone with the other person so it is better to create his own account. Like in a family we always share one common phone.

4. New themes for wallpaper

These new themes can be used on your home screen and they will automatically changes for every 3 days. Isn’t it cool? You don’t have to change manually, these are bunch of amazing wallpapers so just use them.

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5. New Widgets

Widgets are always helpful as a shortcuts. There are plenty of widgets in the new version to use on your screen. The last version sadly don’t have too much widgets but the new version will give you more of them.

6. Beauty Mode in Camera

Who don’t like to capture perfect image from our smartphone. Everybody loves it and all users want to take beautiful selfies from the handset. To make sure you take better selfie, Tizen has added new Beauty Mode feature. It will sure help you to make good album of your images.

7. Share Tizen Apps

Now you can share Tizen Apps from one smartphone to another. Even you can share Tizen apps from Android to Tizen. This feature will save your data from your data pack. Note that you can share any apps but can install only Tizen apps. Third party apps such as Android apps are not allowed on Tizen.

These are the main 7 Best features that you should know that comes to Tizen. There are also some other features added into new Tizen 3.0 update. Those features are Quick Talk, Calender subscriptions, New Icons and My Galaxy Stories. Tizen 3.0 version is now available for Samsung Z4 Smartphone, Samsung Gear Sport & Gear S3 smartwatches. Soon it will release on remaining Tizen smartphones & wearables. If you have one of these devices then update to the new version and get all benefits. Share your experience with new software in the comments box below.