Top Galaxy Watch Active Features

After the successful launch of it’s masterpiece Galaxy Watch, Samsung has revealed it’s new fitness focussed Galaxy Watch Active. The new Watch Active is fairly designed smartwatch that includes the dedicated features for fitness tracking along with the notifications on wrist. It provides the better option for the smartwatch users who emphasize on health and tracking. Compared to Samsung Galaxy Watch & the previous Gear Sport it misses some features but still it has outstanding features that let you feel comfortable with the product. The worth noting features of the watch includes it’s comfortable and light weight design, excellent fitness tracking and workout features as well as the long lasting battery life.

1. Stylish Design

Galaxy Watch Active has the 1.1 inches descent AMOLED capacitive display with 360 pixels support. It misses the intuitive rotating bezel which is the main feature of Samsung smartwatches. But still the AMOLED display allow you to perform several functions through the wrist including reading the health related stat as well as important notifications. As the watch has sporty look it has the very similar user interface like Galaxy Watch.

Galaxy Watch Active Features

2. Runs on latest Tizen Update

The smartwatch is based on the Samsung’s latest Tizen OS version, the first to get new update and accommodates the Exynos 9110 processor, the same as Galaxy Watch. This smooth and powerful processor let you run watch with comfort and enhance your experience. Along with it gigs of RAM will let you do your goals without any slowness or other glitches.

3. All popular fitness apps are here

As the name suggests watch is fitness focussed and have interesting features. It let you gather whole health related data on your wrist and check your daily progress with it. Automatic workout detection technique of the watch is really incredible and has superior quality. It’s heart rate monitoring function and sleep quality tracking features have promising accuracy and allow you to plan your schedule. The Galaxy Watch Active has breathing app as well as new features that enable you to track weight. Various sensors in the watch includes accelerometer, gyro, heart rate and barometer.

Third party apps Strava, Map My Run, Under Armor, Tidal, Speedometer, Endomondo, Sleep as Android and other fitness or workout tools support new Galaxy Watch Active smartwatch. You can load various of apps from Galaxy App Store.

4. Promising Battery Life

As the watch is powered by 230mAh battery which is less than half as compared to previous Samsung smartwatches, but has promising battery life. According to Samsung battery can lasts for 45 hours on a single charge with rarely used GPS and always on display option disabled. It is depend on you how you manage your battery life throughout the day.

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5. It comes with cheap price

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active has been priced at relatively low cost compared to Galaxy Watch as well as it’s rival smartwatches from various manufacturers. It is priced for $200 and povides a good deal in this range. Obviously, cheap cost led Samsung to drop the intuitive rotating bezel and cellular connectivity. But it has swim-proof design, incredible fitness modes inbuilt GPS and sort of other features. Though it has some less feature compared to other Samsung smartwatches this is the best option.

The smartwatch is now available to purchase from Samsung website and online retailers in selected countries. It will soon goes on sale from Amazon, eBay, Flipkart and other online retailers. Are you going to buy this new watch or you are just satisfied with your current smartwatch?