Top GPS & Navigation Apps for Galaxy S20, S20+ & S20 Ultra

Sometimes you roam outside and think where you are & where you are going. It is the question that always arises in the minds of travelers, and many times, they have forgotten the way. In such a situation, GPS & navigation apps are essential on your smartphone, and you must download these apps. Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ & S20 Ultra, is now widely available in major countries & most users use it for its excellent camera quality. There are chances you may take your Galaxy S20 Ultra outside in the night to capture the perfect moon photos or of the Galaxy.

The Play Store has plenty of Maps app to use on such occasions. The by default GPS & navigation app Google Map is known as one of the world’s best app in this category. It has pre-installed on the Galaxy S20, and its accurate location finder, navigator & offline modes are best to use. Apart from the Google app, here are the top GPS & navigation apps for Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ & Galaxy S20 Ultra. All the listed apps are free in the Android Play Store without asking you about the in-app purchase.

Best GPS & Navigation apps

Map apps Galaxy S20

1. Offline Maps & Navigation

For the users in slow internet connectivity and when you roam outside, then you can use Offline maps & navigation app. It is available in the Play Store with the same Offline maps & navigation app. The main quality of the app is in its offline services that allows you to use 200+ nation’s data on the smartphone. Get traffic details, straight road & step by step navigation, restaurant, hospitals, and many other places information.

Download: Offline Maps

2. Mapfactor GPS Navigation Maps

With more than 30 million-plus downloads, MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps is another app to find the routes. You can download maps in offline mode to use while driving in unknown cities. It also supports voice navigation in different languages and 2D/3D, Day/Night modes. For the comfortable driving, Mapfactor GPS Navigation Maps tells you where traffic is. The app has made with co-operation with TomTom maps company, which is also providing services to Huawei smartphones. You can download it for free from the Android Play Store.

Download: MapFactor

3. Polaris GPS Navigation

The company behind Polaris GPS Navigation is so confident about it that it dares you to go on unknown roads. It says the GPS is so accurate that it locates you in the jungles or on the hiking. From the 4.5-star rating app, you can get the trust for your journey. The Polaris GPS Navigation has data from most famous cities in every country to find out interesting places. You can download Polaris GPS Navigation for free on your Samsung Galaxy S20 series smartphones.

Download: Polaris GPS

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4. SailFreeGPS

It has well created for sailors to tell the current location and guide them about accurate direction. SailFreeGPS is must have app if you want to go to water like a lake or ocean. It comes with a magnetic compass to track your position on the boat, motor, or sailboat. Apart from that, it offers your speed, max speed, trip distant & maximum time to reach. The developer says he is an amateur sailor who has decided to create the SailFreeGPS for the users to help them while they are in the water. I highly recommend this app for everyone.

Download: SailFreeGPS

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5. Maps Direction & GPS Navigations

As the title said, Maps Direction & GPS Navigation is another map app that lets you track the records. Gets traffic details, where is the most tracker, where is less traffic, step-by-step navigation, find places & many more services. The Maps Direction & GPS Navigations app has maintained a 4.7-star rating in the store, so you must use it on your Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ & Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphones.

Download: Maps Direction

You may get confused due to the similar names on all these apps, so it is better to click on the links above to go straight to the Play Store. All the above GPS & Navigation apps also support satellite views, real views & tracking of routes, updated maps of the cities, or the places. All the apps come for free & best supported on Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ & S20 Ultra devices. If you get any trouble, then drop your words.