Uber App Is Now Available In Tizen Store

The main benefit of a smartwatch is that we can bind it on wrist and goes everywhere with it. In various ways it helps us to diagnose and solve our everyday works. The Samsung Gear S3 is also one of them, it is feature rich smartwatch and comes with many preloaded apps.

The Gear S3 & Gear S2 are running on Tizen OS, so may be there are few apps compare to Apple Watch and Android Watches, don’t worry about it Samsung preloaded many apps within it and some developers made their own apps for this devices.

The new Uber App is also one of them, it is official app and fully works on new Gear S3. The Uber is a taxi service app and it has more functions in this app than their other apps. In the new app it will give you full freedom to choose your own car, no need to wait for another car, choose your own car and also look on your taxi live.

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With this new feature users don’t need to call customer service for taxi service, you can request your cab from UberX, UberXL, UberSUV and UberBlack, these all cabs will be in your command within few minutes or almost in one hour.


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In the Uber App pre set your current location and set your destination like home, school, office etc and watch it live from your watch. Also demand for your trusty drivers and it will come into your service, well these looks like next generation services, but yes it had included into this tiny app which is incredible.

The Uber app is now available in Tizen Store for free and works fine on Samsung Gear S3 and previous Gear S2 gadget.

This Uber app is only available for Samsung Gear S3 and Gear S2 watches. It is not supported on any Tizen smartphones, even Samsung Z4 & Z2. The user with Tizen smartwatch can use it.

To download Uber app go to Gear Manager app on the Gear S3 or Gear S2. I will inform when there is another app version ready for Tizen smartphones.