Uber App On Samsung Gear S3 & Gear Sport

Uber app is must have app for many customers, the person who always roam outside. In the busy schedule it is impossible to get a taxi when you needed it most. Specially, it is hard to get one in the rush hours. On such a hurry time you can use online taxi services like Uber, OLA & Didi. In that OLA cab service is only available in India & Didi has its business services in China. Uber is now available in most of the main countries so we are going to talk about it. It is the first online taxi booking app launched on Samsung Gear Smartwatches. It supports on second generation Gear S2, popular Gear S3 & newly launched Gear Sport smartwatch. It will make easier to customers to book their taxi from the wearable.

You can book your taxi from anywhere, anytime and within few minutes it will be in your service. Whenever you want to go outside or you are in a hurry that time it is very helpful app. It is also useful when your car is not working but you want comfort seat. All Uber important services are available in the tool. You can request cab from UberX, UberXL, Uber SUV and Uber Black. All these cabs are in your service and you can request for any of them as per your budget.

Uber on Gear Sport

The Share riding is another useful tool you might want to know. You can share your taxi with other person if you want. This way you will save your money and will get some company. You can track your taxi live with the help in-app Map. It will show you real time position of your taxi. It is also important to know the routes you are going through. In the new cities you don’t know many routes so it is better to know your current road by using Uber Map.

The Uber app is only available for Samsung Gear S2, Gear S3 & Gear Sport smartwatches. It supports on Tizen 2.4 & Tizen 3.0 version. It will not support on Tizen smartphones nor it available in Tizen Store. If you have Samsung wearable then you can download Uber app from Samsung Gear App Store. If you found any difficulties in the app then send me message or drop your comment in the comments box below.