UC Mini Web Browser Is Now Available For Tizen Smartphones

The lite version of UC Browser is now available in Tizen Store. The original UC browser is already landed in store and now with this browser users have 4th browser in store. The default Tizen browser and Opera Mini Web Browser are also available in store. Actually, UC and UC Mini browser both are creation of same developers, but mini version is for lower mobile handsets. If you are using Samsung Z1 smartphone then instead of UC you can use UC Mini which is more effective with lower end devices.

It is not different than original one but speed is dramatically improved, you can open many tabs as you want without any extra data or losing any loaded content. Also it will save your much data by loading improved Web pages.

In the feature list you will get all the features of UC browser, still you can protect your privacy with Icognito mode, speed mode, adblocker and download features and now they are all much better than real version. As per the company download speed in mini browser is increased by 32% that’s means that you can download your content in less time. All the pre-installed websites is also on the home tab to make it easy to navigate your favorite websites like shopping or sports sites.


Also you can save your favorite websites in your own favorite section to read them later. It is the lightweight version but still you will get all the security without losing your private data and information.

Recently developers have added new update to the UC Mini which makes it more secure and faster web browser in the store. It always better to use it as an alternative browser to the main UC Browser that because it is very light weight. It has many features of UC News app to provide latest news and information.

It is so called better app for your device, it is nice to use on Samsung Z3, and it is even better if you use UC Mini browser on Samsung Z1 to increase quality of browsing. The main UC browser is 15MB in size which takes much space on device and this one take only 2MB space on your smartphone so you can also save some space. The UC Mini Web Browser is now available to download in Tizen Store.