Upcoming Galaxy Watch Will Launch with Titanium Case

The latest information reveals interesting information about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Watch. According to the sources, the upcoming Galaxy Watch variant will be available in Titanium case in addition to the stainless steel and aluminium. We know that Samsung previously launched flagship smartwatches like Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active, and Galaxy Watch Active 2 in steel & aluminium variants and now the new model may launch. Recently a few weeks ago Samsung passed a certification process for its upcoming smartwatch.

The certification process reveals that the Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Watch variants will carry model numbers SM-840 and SM-845. However, we have a little information about whether this watch will be a successor of Galaxy Watch or it will be launched as Galaxy Watch Active 3. But we can say that this will be the first smartwatch in the Galaxy Watch lineup which could come with titanium case material which makes it the premium choice for the users.

Upcoming Galaxy Watch will get Titanium case

Galaxy Watch Active 3 Titanium

Smartwatch producers nowadays are preferring the titanium case material due to its durability and lightweight. However, this will make the watch more impressive and quite an expensive variant as compared to the aluminium and stainless steel material variants. Apple also introduced titanium case material for the first time in Apple Watch Series 5 in 2019. To recall, the upcoming Galaxy Watch features several additional features to make it the perfect choice.

Along with the existing crucial features like ECG & blood pressure monitoring and heart rate tracking, the upcoming device will bring some additional features. Also, it will be available in WiFi and LTE variants and offers 8GB internal storage capacity. It would fuel with 330mAh battery capability. Obviously, there will be a premium price range for titanium case material, we should wait till the official announcement to know about the price range of this device.