Upcoming iPhone 13 May Offer you 1TB Storage

Since the iPhone XS, XR & XS Max devices, Apple hasn’t increased the max storage space of any iPhone models. The iPhone XS series had offered 512GB of internal storage, and since then iPhone 12 series come with the same storage spaces. Next year this might change, and Apple could introduce its first iPhone with massive 1TB storage, the storage that directly competes with laptops and personal computers. The next iPhone 13 would be that gadget, which will grab 1TB internal storage.

The basic internal storage might be starting from 128GB, and the 64GB option will be outdated. Of course, if there is a 1TB option, then users probably do not choose or might not happy with the 64GB version. Another reason for this change is the 4K video recordings and the massive range of 4K content on the internet. The leaked video on YouTube mentions, the upcoming device could be the iPhone 12s instead of the iPhone 13. We go with iPhone 13 without the iPhone 12s, because of the last few years.

The video doesn’t mention anything about the in-display fingerprint reader, but the Face ID will live for more time. The video talks about Apple AirTags features, we will get more leaks in the coming months. The increased prices are a major concern for many iPhone users, and I think in the current year, Apple may not increase it again. This year, again we will see four major iPhone models including the Mini version.