Update Gear Manager App For Improved Features

If you are using Gear Manager app then it is time to update your application from last version which just appeared in Tizen Store. The new update brought some new features and some improvements over already existed features. The Gear app is necessary app to make pool between Tizen or other Samsung Smartphones and Tizen Smartwatches. Without the app you can’t connect your smartwatch to your smartphone, you can say it is intermediate between smartphone and smartwatch. If you bought Samsung Gear S2 Classic then you can connect it with Samsung Z3 or Z1 devices.

It was updated last month and now this update is 2.2.16022241 and now it supports Gear Circle smartwatch too. In the update measure change is that it now has options to choose your last used apps. It wasn’t added in last version, with this feature you can select your all previously used apps. There are some improvements and bug fixes over last one and it is now more smoother to use. The other Samsung Galaxy smartphones are also getting this new update.


All the smartphones is now eligible to get this update and if you haven’t got notification for this app then do it yourself by going into app store of your smartphone. After that open Gear Manager app and update it manually. The update is 32.3 MB in size so now go into the store and update.