Update WhatsApp Voice Call Beta App From Store

The WhatsApp developers has released new update for WhatsApp Voice Call Beta app. The WhatsApp Voice Call Beta is the new voice calling app for Tizen Phones and Smartwatches. It has been ruling on Android and iOS devices with the all main features. In last month it had launched on Tizen from the official developers. The main benefits of WhatsApp calling is that it is absolutely free and you can call unlimited with your loved one. It is also helpful for international users which roams outside of their native country. The WhatsApp on Tizen is still in the beta version, but it has many useful features to use.

In the initial version developers added many functions and now with the second update users will get more functions and some improvements. The main change in the new update is connection issue with Android devices. In previous version it was main problem, many users had complaints that they have connection problems with Android device which has now solved by developers. The second change is continues ringing feature, where your phone will ring until you won’t pickup the call. Also with the update users can use Back and Home button during WhatsApp calls. In the last, this app is now more buttery to use because developers cared about improvements by finishing bugs.


The WhatsApp Voice Call Beta app is still not for everyone, only those users can use it who received invitations from App developers. If you didn’t get it, then you can register to their program from the official website. The update is now available for all devices and it wouldn’t take much data to install.

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