How to Activate Always on Display on Galaxy Watch Active & Active 2

The Always-on Display or AOD feature on the smartwatch allows you to put the screen always on so you can see the essential information on the main screen. It is useful while you are doing hard workout and it is impossible for you to touch your smartwatch or move your hand to see the workout data or other information. It is also beneficial when you are charging your smartwatch or the watch in battery saving mode. In such cases, your Galaxy Watch Active 2 will show you relevant data such as time & date on the lock screen like an analog watch.

The AOD feature is available on Galaxy Watch Active 2 since the beginning, and in the last major update, Samsung has introduced it on Galaxy Watch Active. Apart from Samsung smartwatches, in the wearables, only Apple Watch Series 5 is the watch that has AOD function. If you own the latest Samsung smartwatch, then you must know how to activate Always on Display on Galaxy Watch Active & Active 2 smartwatches.

Activate Always on Display on Galaxy Watch active 2

Galaxy Watch Active 2 Features

You don’t have to do anything extra to activate it. Go to Settings > Display > Watch always on. That’s it. Now you have successfully activated this function. You can also enable it from Quick Settings. Drag the main screen from upside to down and here you will get Always on Display shortcut. Tap on it to activate. The only drawback of the feature is that it will consume your battery life with some percentage so use it when it is necessary for you.

Note that this function will not work when the Good Night Mode option is on. You have to make sure the Good Night Mode is off and then enable it. The second is when the smartwatch doesn’t detect a heartbeat. In such a case, the watch will completely go off. In the previous version, Samsung has made sure you will not face any such issues. It has a fixed screen that goes off issue on the Galaxy watch Active 2 so you will not get any trouble here.