How to Track your Periods with Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 5

Almost all smartwatch and fitness tracker companies now know their women users. A couple of years ago, only a few watches and smart bands were having menstrual cycle functions. It was the year 2020 when Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, and Fitbit launched the period tracker function on their wearables. As for Samsung, it was active since Galaxy Watch Active in early 2020. In the following year, technology has become more advanced, and now, women users can take benefit from it. The latest Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 5 have women’s health tools with necessary features.

Initially, it was a basic feature to log the monthly data. Now, with the help of industry leaders and the partnership with ‘Glow’ will surely guide you in those days. Also, there are some experts in health tools to give you more tips and pieces of advice. The ‘Glow’ feature is, unfortunately, a premium tool with a paid subscription. It is worth spending money, but the free services of period tracker features are also enough for you. For such new women users, here are the simple steps to use the period tracker on Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 5.

1. Open the Samsung Health app

Period Tracker Galaxy Watch 4

The women’s feature is a part of the Samsung Health app. The app is available in the smartwatch, and if not, then you should download it from the Play Store or Galaxy Store.

2. Search for Women’s Health

Period Tracker Galaxy Watch 4

In the Health app, you should search for Women’s health. Different companies have different names for this feature like a period tracker, women’s health tool, menstrual cycle, Glow, and more. The Samsung watch has been named Women’s Health.

3. Turn on the function on a paired phone

Period Tracker Galaxy Watch 4

It is your first time with the tool, so first, you need to give some basic information. When you open the tool, then it will ask you to open it on the phone. Tap on the OK button to get redirected to a paired smartphone.

4. Fill in the details

Period Tracker Galaxy Watch 4

In the Women’s Health section, the first step you need to complete is to fill in the necessary information. On the first page, give detail like when was your last period. After that, tap on the Next button.

On the next screen, you should fill in the data for your monthly cycle. If you get a period after 28 days, then choose it, or chose other days as per your cycle.

5. Get the next period details

Period Tracker Galaxy Watch 4

After giving the necessary information, it will assume when you will get your next period. The first page will show the last period, predicted fertile window, predicted ovulation, and predicted next period.

6. To edit logs, go to Settings

Period Tracker Galaxy Watch 4

You can edit the data if you fill it is incorrect or you want to add more options. To do that, you can use Settings. Tap on the three dots in the right upper corner. It will show available options to choose from or edit.

7. Use Glow services for premium data (Optional)

Period Tracker Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung has partnered with Glow for women’s health tool like it has tied up with Sleep Cycle for sleep insights. The Glow will provide you with premium services and help you in every stage. It is not recommended to use, but if you want, give it a free trial.

8. Add Log

Period Tracker Galaxy Watch 4

Finally, you can come to your Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 5, to get the reminders for your next period. When you are on the first day, since then you can add a daily log to the app.

Hope this guide will help you. Don’t go with this tool apart from getting reminders of your periods. It is not a medical app, so it is advised to not get any treatment based on it.