Users Need to Login with Samsung Account to Use Samsung Health

Samsung is revaluating its user policy for Samsung Health service. The company has been growing drastically for the last couple of years and has taken user experience to another level with each new smart device or update they regularly come with. Samsung has provided the users with the latest features and newest devices like the Note series with a stylus pen or the recent Z series with a foldable display. The company’s Health app will now undergo user policy change.

The change in the policy will make it compulsory for the users to make a Samsung account which wasn’t the case earlier. Previously, the users could simply use Samsung Health without registering in the company’s account first. The users just had to skip once when the login or sign-up page was displayed on the initial setup screen and that’s all that was asked.

Samsung Health Privacy Policy

The policy will be coming with the update scheduled on January 21st and the version will be version 6.15. Fundamental integrations are considered normal nowadays and are taken as a part of the features being provided, but maybe Samsung felt the need to stick to a pro-consumer policy, and not compulsorily link the user profile to the app they were providing.

But now, the company realized after it decided to kill third-party integrations a few years back that mandatory integration will allow the user to easily have a backup of their data and they can sync their account without any problem across all their devices. Though users are taking this as a bitter pill to swallow, the company’s late decision might come up with little bumps on the road.