10 Utility Apps for Samsung Smartphones

Various reasons attract customers to Samsung phones. Samsung always offers a better deal to customers with various advanced features and latest technology. Samsung devices outperform their rivals on several aspects such as performance, camera, processor, and battery. These phones allow you to perform any task which you want to do. Various applications installed in your smartphone play a critical role and exploit the full benefits of the device, such as utility apps.

To enhance the productivity of your phone like Galaxy S10 series or Galaxy Note series, you should install some utility apps that help you to manage and organize your tasks. The addition of utility apps intakes the versatility of your smartphone to the next level. We use smartphones for several things like play games, listen to music, watch videos, and various others.

More than these things phones are basically to make our lives easy, and this can do with the help of utility and productivity apps. Thankfully, there are various apps in the Play Store that enable you to enhance your productivity. Here we are listing the top 10 utility apps for Samsung smartphones.

1. Smart Tools

Samsung Utility Apps

The Smart Tools app helps you to measure various quantities, including length, height, distance, and many others. It offers a comprehensive package that can cover the functions of 6 individual apps. Features of the app range from basic dimensions such as length, breadth, angle, slope, and area to the advanced.

Smart Compass set to enable you to measure compass, metal detector, and GPS, whereas Sound Meter Pro lets you record sound level meter and vibrometer. With the help of Smart Light Pro, you can measure flashlight, mirror, and magnifier. However, this is a paid utility app, and you have to pay Rs.220 to have access to the app.

Download: Smart Tools

2. Microsoft To-Do: List, Task and Reminder

It is an exciting and straightforward app that aimed at increasing your productivity and organize your thoughts. The app empowers you to create a workflow with a simple to-do list and decrease your stress level. You can sync the list between phones and computers which enhances your access with it from anywhere. Not only you can create a list but also share it with family and colleagues to achieve goals.

To be more precise and goal-oriented, you can break the to-do into small, actionable steps. You can add due dates and reminders for most important to-do to get notified. The utility app provides the platform to organize your tasks and plans your day effectively on your new Samsung smartphone.

Download: Microsoft To-Do

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3. CamScanner- Scanner to Scan PDF

It is a scanning app that uses your smartphone camera to scan and digitize all types of paper documents. You can scan documents like bills, receipts, invoices, and certificates, among others. The app enables you to share scanned documents in PDF or JPEG format on social media platforms and an attachment link through email.

With the app, you can print out any documents in CamScanner with nearby printer through AirPrint. A quick search option enables you to search for essential files from the plenty of materials available. Here you can protect your confidential content with the passcode and prevent others from seeing it. Switching to a premium version of the app gives you access with more advanced features.

Download: CamScanner- Scanner to Scan PDF

4. Google Translate

Google Translate

Google Translate allows you to translate your ideas and thoughts into another supported language and make your communication effective. Google translate helps you to convert between more than 100 languages and convey your ideas conveniently. As soon as you copy the text in any app, your translation pops up, and the app supports offline translation in 59 languages.

Conversation mode allows speech translation in 32 languages, which makes two-way communication effective. You can also use the camera of your smartphone to capture text photos and translate it in 37 languages. You can also draw characters to turn them in near about 93 languages.

Download: Google Translate

5. Solid Explorer File Manager

It is a file explorer and cloud manager app that enables you to secure your files and folders with a password. The app is full of customization features like icon sets, color schemes, and themes. Solid Explorer, File Manager app, read and extract ZIP, 7ZIP, RAR, and TAR archives even when they are encrypted.

The app equipped with two independent panels which serve as file browsers. The search index in the app finds any file in a couple of seconds, which makes it convenient to access data. The app comes with 14 days trial version, and you have to own the solid explorer unlocker to use the premium version for free.

Download: Solid Explorer File Manager

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6. TickTick: To Do List

It is a simple and effective to-do list as well as a task manager app which allows you to plan your day, manage your time, and organize thoughts. It is full of personalized features and intuitive design that helps you to set your goals and add reminders for time management.

You can create a to-do list, shopping list, other vital tasks, and sync them across all your devices and manage them from anywhere and anytime. The app provides a platform that not only creates a to-do list but also shares it with friends and family to collaborate with them. Plan your ideas and get things done with high efficiency.

Download: TickTick: To Do List

7. All-In-One Calculator

Calculator Apps

All-In-One Calculator is the simple multi calculator and converter app that helps you to solve everyday problems with high accuracy. The app is useful for multiple operations like simple and complex calculations, percentage, area, proportion, and for currency conversion.

The app features more than 75 free calculators and unit converters as well as 40 vibrant themes. It is useful for all those who deal with calculations and currency conversions, as it comes with various advanced features. Currency converter supports more than 160 currencies, and it is available in offline mode.

Download: All-In-One Calculator

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The IFTTT app is designed to bring your favorite services together, and it works with more than 600 apps. It let you have control over everything around you with your voice coupled with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You can stay informed about what’s happening around you with renowned publications such as the New York Times. Also, stay tuned with customized weather notifications.

You can back up and share your photos as well as back up essential files, including contacts and photos to cloud storage services such as Google Drive. An intelligent and automated home security alert system enables you to ensure your home safety.

Download: IFTTT

9. Loop – Habit Tracker

If you want to create good habits and maintain them over time, then this app provides a better platform. This app enables you to analyze your patterns and track their progress with detailed graphs and statistics. It helps you to create habits as well as calculate the strength of your practices with its advanced formula.

You can also have a thorough analysis of your habits and watch their progress and improvement over time. The loop app allows you to create a flexible schedule according to your convenience and set a reminder for each pattern over a specific time. This productivity or utility app is beneficial to develop and maintain habits to improve your efficiency.

Download: Loop – Habit Tracker

10. Samsung Flow

Samsung Flow

Samsung Flow is the incredible app that is designed to ensure seamless and secure connectivity across all your devices. The app enables you to connect your Tablet/PC with Samsung smartphones to share the content between devices as well as view notifications and content of your phone on Tablet/PC.

If you have registered with Samsung pass, then you can easily log in to the computer with the help of biometric data like iris and fingerprints.

Download: Samsung Flow

These are the ten best applications for your Samsung smartphones that helps you to improve your efficiency and productivity. All these apps are designed to enhance your effectiveness. Organize your thoughts and schedule your days according to your needs. These apps are beneficial to improve your everyday activities and perform better to achieve your goals.