Video Calling Feature Comes To WhatsApp On Tizen

The popular social sharing app WhatsApp Messenger has brought most awaited video calling feature in new update. This is the most wanted feature requested by WhatsApp users on Tizen. This free WhatsApp video calling feature was missing on Tizen version since it has launched in Tizen Store. Now with the new update Facebook developers have released new version in store. It is must have upgrade for the app and it has solved all app issues, which users were facing since few days. When you get the new app version of WhatsApp then you will see new video calling icon right on top. To make video call just tap on the icon & select contact number from your phone number list.

Last 3 days are very dramatic for Tizen users. In these days Tizen users had faced many problems with a single app, that is WhatsApp Messenger. The social media app suddenly stopped working on 23rd June and since then many customers have been facing too many problems. Due to the WhatsApp error all customers were affected and none of them could use the Messenger. The error was continously comes saying, ‘Your phone date is inaccurate! Adjust your clock and try again’. The error comes even when the clock is set on automatic time or correct time. After the complaints from Tizen users, developers responded to the known error. Yesterday, WhatsApp had taken down WhatsApp app from Tizen Store for few hours and brought it back with new version.

WhatsApp Video Calling

Now back to the original point, the new update only brings video calling feature and fixed known issue. There is no other feature added into this version. Most customers were expecting new WhatsApp update will bring all unreleased features. Still there are few features which are missing from the Tizen version. Some major features like use of Emojis in conversations, WhatsApp Status & Animojis are missing here. Users can’t use Emojis in their conversations and even can’t see it when someone sends it. WhatsApp Status is another feature that users want eagerly. All users on other platforms uses WhatsApp Status daily on their phones so Tizen users are the one who miss it most.

The free video calling on WhatsApp Messenger is welcome feature from Tizen users. All missing functions may come in next WhatsApp updates. The new version is now available to install in Tizen Store. The Samsung Z4, Z3, Z2 & Z1 smartphones support new video calling feature so you must download it. The size of new version is 22MB so make sure you are on stable internet connection. After the upgrade you have to download Facebook services update for the latest version. Facebook Services is must need for Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp & Instagram apps. Download the new version and share your video calling review with us in the comments box below.