VLC Media Player Now Available In Tizen Store

Good news for Tizen users is that the famous VLC media player officially launched in Tizen Store. The default video and audio player in Tizen platform are one of the best media players in Tizen Store, but users are always wants more options and now with the launch of VLC player users has had that. The other media player MX Player also available in Tizen Store and it is also trending in Tizen OS.

After the announcement of 100% revenue on apps more developers are turning towards Tizen and that’s result we are seeing quality apps in the store. The other main reason is that now Tizen OS is 4th largest smartphone operating system in world market and it surpassed mature BlackBerry OS. Samsung plans to launch high end Tizen smartphones next year so we can see more market for new born OS.

VLC Media Player on Tizen

The VLC Media Player is top media player on Windows operating system. It is also available in Android, iOS and Windows Phone Store and with the launch of its mobile version in Tizen they can also use that. It is the beta version and there are more tasks to complete. Still it supports all possible video supports and you can play them all without any problems. It comes with all codecs so there is no problem about its support, it supports on both Samsung Z1 and Samsung Z3 smartphones with the original layout.

The VLC Media Player is now available in Tizen Store and if you want to download it then go into the Tizen Store and install it on all your Tizen Phones. It is absolutely free in store so don’t wait to install it on your devices. The other third party Video Player MX Player is also on Tizen, but to use that you have to download ACL for Tizen app. In the new update now you can use VLC Media Player on Samsung Z2 smartphone, for the best video experience you must use VLC.

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