WatchOS 6 Predicted Features for Apple Watch Series 5

Apple watches are always a big deal for its hardcore fan base. Jake Sworski highlights plenty of features of the upcoming WatchOS 6 for Apple Watch Series 5 which is yet to be unveiled within a month. According to the leaked details WatchOS 6 have many exciting features that may surely take Apple Watch to the next level. It is the big news for the customers awaiting for Apple’s unveiling moment. We will have glance at all the new features that might be packed with next Apple Watch product. If we believe in the news of Sworski, the upcoming Apple Watch will include the new watch faces, activity ring advancement, active sleep tracking and many other exciting features. The most interesting feature is of watch faces as it has been requested by many Apple watch users.

While it is difficult to read books on your Apple Watch, it is convenient to listen audiobooks. However, there are several apps available for podcasts and music but we can expect that this feature will make its way into the upcoming product. It is obviously convenient to read audiobooks through the wrist and that even carrying your iPhone. This feature may obviously enhance the productivity of users as it is intended to reduce their efforts and save time.

WatchOS 6 Features

Apple watch are incredible and incomparable in their health tracking features. To take this tracking feature to the advanced level and ensure proper diet, Apple may add Nutrition app to check your food intake. This feature will track your calorie and water intake and guide you to have balanced diet to stay fit. Coupled with other fitness features this will surely enhance your awareness about fitness and quality food intake.

Other notable feature in the list is that Siri shortcuts will be accessible inside the app from Control Center or from your favourite watch face. This enhances your accessibility to your preferred shortcuts. There are several other details in the leaks, let us hope that these features will make their way into WatchOS 6.

Source: Cult of Mac