WatchOS 6 Support Coming to Older Apple Watches

Apple has released WatchOS 6 update to its newer Apple Watch Series 5, Series 4 & Series 3 smartwatches. Now more than a month, all these new watches are enjoying the latest WatchOS 6.1 version with newly added features and apps. Only the Apple Watch Series 1 & Series 2 smartwatches left alone from being updated to the 6th version. But not more, Apple has given a hint that soon it will release newer versions to these older watches with all new features.

The new WatchOS version brings several features to the Apple watches, the new app for Calculator, Voice Memos, Cycles, Noise, and Audiobooks. The Noise and Cycles are Appleā€™s new apps, and others are third-party apps. The company has also brought a dedicated App Store for the watches to search, discover and download apps direct from their smartwatches. It breaks the support of smartphones so you can use your smartwatch without your iPhone. A menstrual cycle app called Cycles app can help women and the Hearing Health app to alert you in crowded areas.

WatchOS on Apple Watch

Now, these all features will come to first & second-generation Apple watches in WatchOS 6.1 beta version. Both Watch Series 1 & Series 2 have added to 6.1 Beta version so that means both will receive the updates in near future. Once Apple finishes the beta testing we could see the final beta version. Apple has not announced any release date but we may hear it soon.