Wear OS Now Alert You to Wash Your Hands

Every company is spreading awareness about the COVID-19 virus and how to be safe in this pandemic. Big smartphone companies like Apple, Samsung, Google & OnePlus have already warned their employees & customers to stay safe in-home or follow all the hygiene rules while working from home. The companies also told users to sanitize their smartphones in a case to squash the dirtiness of the device. The one important thing in this all is to wash your hands regularly, and that where Google came one step ahead by releasing a new feature to its Wear OS.

Google’s Wear OS has added a new feature to the Clock app that will alert you to wash your hands every three hours. Last month, Google released a new Assistant command as per the guidelines of the World Health Organization to encourage people to wash their hands regularly. To set the alarm on Wear OS watch, start the Assistant and say, “Hey Google, help me wash my hands.” After that, every three hours clock app will alert you to wash your hands for 40 seconds. Yes, for 40 seconds, even though the WHO has mentioned sanitize hands for at least 20 seconds, but Google doesn’t want to take any risk.

Wear OS Clock app

Every three hours for 40-seconds, the Clock app will start singing with the Assistant’s default ‘Red’ voice, so you don’t forget to wash the hands. Also, it reminds you to use the soap to kill the germs, not any specific soap, but any soap that can kill the bacteria. To get this feature on your Wear OS, update the it to V5.4.0 or go to the Play Store and install the new version of the Clock app. If you think this is too much, then you can disable it by holding down on the notification.