Wear OS Now Supports Smooth Animation Watch Faces

The news coming from Android developer suggests that the Wear OS will now support hardware-accelerated smooth watch faces. Last month, Google has updated the Wearable Support Library to version 2.7.0 for the developers to get the help of hardware-accelerated canvas. Previously, the support was limited to the apps, so you can see many apps in the Wear OS section of Play store with a smooth graphics rendering. Now, with the latest version, developers can apply the same method on watch faces.

It is helpful to create better watch faces that render at a high frame rate with smoother animation & transition. It doesn’t mean users will get better performance on every watch faces that present on Wear OS smartwatches. It is in the hand of developers to take the help of new features and apply on their creations. The main side effect of the hardware acceleration is that it reduces battery life by some margin. The battery problem is a major issue on many Wear OS watches so we don’t think all the developers will launch the watch faces with long-running animations.

Wear OS Update

The feature is only available for the Wear OS devices that run on Android Pie or above version. The end-users will get the features soon in the Settings. Since the ending of 2018, the Wear OS users have not been receiving any major firmware updates for their smartwatch. Yes, every month Google releases minor updates to improve the overall quality and security but not introduced any new functions. This might be changing after the release of the Android 11 version.