Wearable App Bug Doesn’t Allow Users To Login

Since the last week many users are reporting about the issues they are encountering with Galaxy Wearable app. Users are complaining the issue of signing into their Samsung Account and setup of the new device. The new and existing both users enable to login or sign up to the Wearable app. This issue is forcing users to setup device without logging in. Specially this issue is faced by non-Samsung smartphone users. Recently, Samsung has upgraded its Android Wearable app and now many users are facing issues when they are signing in to the account.

Complaints from the users mention that while attempting to login into their account through the app, they encounter with only white screen and no further options to proceed. Samsung Galaxy Watch and Samsung Gear users have complained about this issue on Samsung’s official forum as well as on Twitter. The users are raised their complaints on the Facebook Groups, Reddit and other social media platforms. There are several complaints on these platforms from the last week and all that are reported by non-Samsung devices users.

Wearable app

Galaxy Wearable app is so important in the setup of the smartwatch and reporting of such issues affect the users. Due to such issue users are unable to setup their watch and link it with Samsung account. They may face inconvenience in backup or restoring data and download and updating software. All users of Xiaomi, Huawei, Google, OnePlus, Apple and Oppo have mentioned about the issue. It is strange that Samsung users are not facing any issues while logging to the app.

Samsung Gear and Galaxy Watch users have to deal with the issues until Samsung offers the official fix for this issues. Though there is no news from the new Galaxy Watch Active uses on this concern. However, if you are using the Samsung smartphone then you can smoothly link your watch with Samsung account and setup the new device. As the reports are mentioned from last week, it is expected that Samsung will solve the problem as early as possible. Samsung is now known about this new Wearable app problem and we hope the official team will solve it soon. We will update you when there is more news about it.