What Is 5G & How It Will Change Your Life?

Internet provides a best platform to share ideas and to remain connected with the world, it nowadays became a part of everyday life. The 5G internet is the next generation of internet in the quest to make the internet more fast, reliable and to enhance internet connectivity. 5G internet technology provide promising benefits to users worldwide with its high-speed connectivity and reliable network. With the advent of 5G technology users will get unprecedented speed on their smartphones and other devices. Speedier connections will made it easier to conduct business via internet along with enhancing the reliability of the network.

Benefits of 5G internet:

With the coming of 5G technology we are expected to experience the high speed of nearabout 20GBps very soon. Smartphones now become ubiquitous and 5G support them to be equipped with rich connectivity to make all online business and transactions and communications simple. The network will help to accelerate the ‘Internet of Things’ technology and also it will boost the efforts of ‘Artificial Intelligence’. This new technology will be game changer in various ways for the Billions of users worldwide by improving their data efficiency and making them hyper-connected. The normal users can stream qHD quality videos without any buffering and there won’t be any disconnection while driving or in low connectivity area.

5G Internet

The deployment of 5G technology needs heavy infrastructure to make it reality. Compared with 4G, it is 10 times faster and 3G it has 100 times more speed which makes 5G more accuracy-oriented. In the United States AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and Dish Networks are some companies which are preparing to launch 5G very soon. The US, China, Japan, South Korea are expected to be some of the first nations to install 5G technology. India is also planning to launch 5G network in 2020.

The 5G technology has these capabilities compared with its predecessors: peak data rate, latency, mobility, connection density, energy efficiency and area traffic capacity. These all characteristics will definitely make 5G technology more reliable and efficient than predecessors. In the world major smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Sony, Google are the few which planning to introduce next fastest internet technology before 2020 Olympic games, which are going to take place in Japan. Are you ready for next generation high quality, more reliable and cost-effective 5G network?