What is Animoji & Memoji? How You Can Use Them

We are familiar with the emoji and often use it to express our feelings while communicating with someone through messages. Lots of emoji are available and help us to show what we want to say, whether it would be flirt or explaining about our situations and for several other purposes. However, Apple is a step ahead and introduced a new concept for text messaging that is Animoji and Memoji.

Apple introduced this feature in 2017 and it can turn some emoji icons into short and customized animations. Later, Samsung introduced it on its Galaxy S9 duo, Galaxy S10 series, and Galaxy Note 9 smartphones.

What is Animoji?

What is AnimojiThese are more than animation and scan your facial expressions to adjust them with emoji and emoji performs like your behavior. If you laugh or make your eyes big ore close them and Animoji acts like and this is a fantastic experience. With the help of facial scan and expression mimick feature-packed with iPhone X and upwards you can create a short voice message with Animoji.

It’s enjoyable and Animoji will speak your words and its voice also sounds like the selected character. Earlier this feature was limited to only 12 emojis, however, in later iOS versions Apple extended the list to add more.

Though unusual, unfortunately, this feature works with only iOS 11 and upwards, as they come with the pre-installed app with iOS 11 and later versions. The compatible devices with these features are iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max and all the tools built with that run on iOS 11 and higher.

iPhone X series is equipped with the Face ID facial recognition feature into the selfie camera and these sensors are used to animate Animoji with your expressions. For the information, you can send Animoji only through the iMessage app.

What is Memoji?

Apple introduced the feature of Memoji with iOS 1h enables you to create your personalized emoji, which slightly differs from Animoji. It is more fun and addition to Animoji. Here you can add stickers, filters, texts and much more to create the best combination in the form of Animoji. We can use Memojis either within a message or overlay for creative selfies.

How to create Animoji:

1. First of all, open the Message app.

2. After that, head to the iMessage app.

3. Now you can select your favorite character and for that swipe left and right.

4. To record your voice, tap the record button and create your message with your voice and facial expressions.

5. After that, you can send the message to the desired contact.

How to create Memoji:

1. Here also first open the Message app.

2. After that open the Animoji button and tap the + sign located on the left side.

3. Now you can select features you wanted to add like hairstyle, skin color, and more.

4. After that tap Done and you have your personalized emoji.

If you have the compatible device, then it’s a cakewalk to create Animoji and Memoji that can be used to enhance your experience and express better.