What is FaceApp & How to use it

It is fascinating to see your entire look changed with the help of FaceApp. It is a photo editor app that can change your look with younger, older and gender-swapped photos. You may see your friends sharing their photos edited with various filters of the app on the social media platforms. With the help of FaceApp, you can create interesting and realistic photos that are compatible to share on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and many others. The app is fully featured and contains various creative features.

If you often share your photos on social media, then this app provides you the chance to share something funny and exciting content. Here not only you can create your aged or younger photos but also can change your gender.

Various smartphones in the market can capture the realistic photos, and the FaceApp allows you to edit them with some innovative features which fun, isn’t it? Though the app is free, you have to pay a certain amount to unlock the pro version, which is full of extra features.


How to Use FaceApp

FaceApp is available for both Android and iOS platforms and you can download it from Play Store and App Store. The app helps you to edit the photos either already available or taken with the app’s camera.

Once you select the image, you will get the filter called Original. Further, you can scroll right to have options like a smile, smile 2, spark, old, young, female and male. All these options let you edit the photos innovatively and you will be amazed by your new look.

The smile features to open your mouth which includes some teeth, whereas the spark option enables you to smoothen your skin tone. The most exciting and funny feature of the FaceApp is that you can change yourself to either old or young.

If you choose to be old, then wrinkles will appear on your face while being young makes you look like a child. It is the funniest feature of the app and can entirely change your look to the newer one. Further, male and female options let you improve not only your look but also gender which ridiculously incredible.

If you want to share all your edited photos, then scroll left where you can make collages and GIFs of your edited pictures. After you have done with editing, you can download your photographs with pressing the down-facing arrow at the bottom.

Further, some options allow you to share photos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp. The free version of the app includes limited features and if you want to unlock additional styles and filters, then you have to pay $20. The upgraded version is ad-free and offers various innovative and creative features for a more funny and dramatic look.