What Is Gorilla Glass 6? How It Protects Smartphone Screen?

Everyone says if you are buying new Android or Apple smartphones then make sure it has Corning Gorilla Glass 6 support. So What is it and how is important to protect your expensive or high end smartphone. Did you bought new smartphone and wondered how it is amazing and how powerful its features are. But did you notice its hardware parts, about screen, how they made and how much you can trust them? No, then you must care about it, if your phone’s hardware is not upgraded then it is not a smartphone. These days many smartphones comes with best hardware parts and you must look at it when you choose smartphone or tablet.

The screen is main hardware part on any gadgets. If your screen is top quality then whole experience will be great otherwise it all goes into the dust. So when you bought new device always look at quality of screen.

If you look on the feature list of your new gadget then you will see this device is protected by Gorilla Glass screen technology. So now question is why always prefers phone with Gorilla Glass protection and how much is it important for today’s gadgets? Well I will tell you all technology behind it and why it is one of the best glass in the world.

Gorilla Glass 6

The Gorilla Glass is screen technology developed and manufactured from Corning Inc. company, and it is official trademark of Corning, they creates it to protect screens of smartphones and tablets from unwanted scratches and accident damages. It is much tougher than any other screen technology that you rub keys, pens or anything on it without any scratches. I never heard any complaint about this technology, nope, not a single time. It gives six months of warranty on any electronic devices.

How Gorilla Glass 6 Made

These days many smartphone manufacturers use this technology to protect smartphone screen from damages. It is called toughest glass in its category and most companies trust it. It is made up with ion exchange in the laboratory. They use molten alkaline potassium salt and heat it to the 400 celcius temperature and in the process smaller sodium ions in the glass replaced by larger potassium ions from the salt bath. Then potassium ions occupy more space and create surface layer of high residual compressive stress at the surface to make it stronger that crack resistance.

The company said that the actual project was started in 1960 by the name of ‘Project Muscle’ and after that in a few years they developed ‘Muscled Glass’. The Gorilla Glass is an improved version of it and it was firstly introduced on original iPhone when Apple needed thin and toughened glass.

Now days all major smartphone manufacturers including Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi ,Vivo, Oppo, Huawei, Sony, LG, & many other Android manufacturers uses it in their high-end lineup models. The main popular brands are Samsung’s Galaxy S9, Galaxy A8 and Note 9 series, HTC’s One series, Apple’s iPhone X & iPhone 8, Sony’s Xperia series and LG’s G series.

The first version of Gorilla Glass came in 2010 on the HTC device, after that Corning launched Gorilla Glass 2 in 2012. Then in the 2013 they released 3rd version, in 2014 4th version, 5th version released in 2015 and now Gorilla Glass 6 is the latest one. Now the Gorilla Glass 6 is latest and toughest Glass available into the market and and all high end devices uses it including Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 8, LG G5, Sony Xperia Z5 and Motorola Moto G6.

The Corning said it is still not a toughest glass and they are working on better Gorilla Glass version of it. May be they could release next version that is Gorilla Glass 6 in the same year or in the next year, so we could see another better version of it. Actually, Gorilla Glass 6 is 2X more stronger than previous glass and more improvement will make it extra stronger & durable. What do you think this is the best glass technology you ever seen, is it reliable for your smartphone? Tell us in comments section below.