What is Sideloading? Brief Explanation

The basic concept of sideloading is the transfer of files between two local devices without involving the internet. It is used to install apps, copy MP3 from computer to mobile and for the transfer of any other files from one local device to the other. Transfer of data from this medium requires Bluetooth, a WiFi connection, or a memory card. The term is analogous to the universal terms such as downloading and uploading but vary in the method.

However, sideloading is the simple term that can be done smoothly without any effort.

Downloading means the transfer of files from various locations to the local device, whereas uploading is the transfer of data from the local machine to remote areas. Both these terms require an internet connection to complete the process. Sideloading is different from these two processes and doesn’t require an internet connection, as it involves data transfer from local devices.

The most common data transferred through this medium is MP3 files and digital videos, including various other files and installing apps from computer to mobile.

The best and effective way to complete sideloading involves the physical connection between two local devices with the help of USB or lightning cable and through the wireless medium like Bluetooth or WiFi. Another way to accomplish this process is by copying files from the computer to an SD card and then inserting the card into mobile.

This process works like copying files from computer to an external hard drive and more comfortable to complete. Here the installation of physical connection between two local devices is an essential and important aspect.


The most remarkable advantage of sideloading is that you can transfer large media files without incurring data charges. The notable benefit of sideloading the apps is that you can bypass the official app store, and this requires few changes in settings for Android users and jailbreaking for the iPhone users.

It becomes easier for Android users to accomplish sideloading as compared to iOS users. Transfer of files through this medium allows you to share files conveniently as well as save your mobile data.

Sideloading is useful in case if the app you want to install is not available through official channels, and probably it is the only reason to sideload an app. Sometimes the app you want to install is not available through official channels in the geographical locations you live, at that time also sideloading helps you.

It is a safe method to transfer files as it just involves the transfer of files from computers to phones. However, installing apps from this method may sometimes involve risk as you have to change permissions on Android devices and jailbreak on iOS devices.

In the case of sideloading apps, you should be aware that the desired app comes from trusted sources to avoid malware. In this way, you can transfer files quickly and bypass the official channels to install the wanted apps.