WhatsApp App Not Working On Tizen Smartphones

Since last few days WhatsApp Messenger app on all Tizen smartphones is getting some serious app issue, which causes failure in app opening on the smartphones. The largest social sharing app WhatsApp Messenger is very popular app on Tizen used by almost all the Tizen users. But since many days something went wrong on developers side. The latest app version now asks for new update on Tizen phones to enter into the account. Interesting thing is there is no any WhatsApp Update available in Tizen Store. So many users are facing this problem. This may be error on development side which suppose to fix in the time.

This problem never happened on Tizen devices and regularly got latest updates for WhatsApp whenever there is new update available. In the last update it got many new features and app stability. So the new update might bring most waited Video calling feature and emojis for better conversion. These two features users eagerly wants on their phones.

WhatsApp App Problem

There is no single video calling app available in store so users are hoping from WhatsApp to fill that gap. Still we don’t have many features in first place.

Now the other app Facebook Messenger is also having same crash issue on old devices. It is crashing instantly on old Tizen version. It asks to update to new Facebook Services which is not available into the store.

Some users mentioned they are getting same issue when they already updated to the newer Facebook service update. It is still unclear why this problem occurs to many customers. We have contacted official developers and waiting to hear solution from them. Right now you can check two things on your device. The very first one is update your smartphone to the newest Tizen version and the second one is update to the latest app update. If still you are getting app issues then tell us exact problem in the comments box below.