WhatsApp App Testing Video Calling Feature

WhatsApp the largest sharing app in world is now testing video calling feature in their latest app update. WhatsApp had already introduced voice calling feature in this year and after this video calling feature users will get most of benefit at free of cost. This feature is still in beta mode and developers are working on it in their testing lab. The users on Android are now seeing this change in their app but still not able to call from the function. Some users at forum claims that they made successful calls from it, but at this moment we can’t say anything. We got one image which shows video calling feature along with voice calling.

WhatsApp is now making changes rapidly in their latest updates, in last some months we had seen many changes in this giant sharing app. In recent update WhatsApp had launched their voice calling feature for Tizen Phones. Now all Tizen smartphones including Samsung Z3 and Samsung Z1 can successfully make voice call to their friends and family. Firstly they introduced for some devices in the country and later they rolled out for all users in remaining countries. On the Tizen everything is going smooth and many users rewared it with good stars. With this feature they would steal customers from other video calling apps and services.

WhatsApp Video Calling

This WhatsApp video calling feature is still in beta mode and developers need some more time to make it final. As we look at previous history this feature may first introduce on iOS and Android version, and later we could see it on Tizen smartphones. What you think readers, are you going to use this feature when they launch it in Tizen Store?

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