WhatsApp Back In Tizen Store With New Update

Before few hours I had covered news about disappearance of WhatsApp Messenger app from Tizen Store. Now looks like Facebook or WhatsApp developers have take it seriously and they have released WhatsApp in the Tizen Store. Not only they have launched it but now there is new update in the store. Since few days all customers were facing troubles with the popular social sharing app. Many customers had already removed older version from their smartphones to get new one. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any app in the store. This morning developers have released new update which will solve Date & Time issue to work it without any other harm.

To get the new update go to Tizen Store and search for WhatsApp Messenger app or open Popular app section in Tizen Store. When you open WhatsApp, now tap on Update button. The update is 21MB in size so make sure you are on good internet connection. After it the new app will stored on the device, but wait, before this you have to upgrade Facebook services. You don’t have to do anything for that. When you open WhatsApp it automatically redirect you to Facebook services. The update file is 24MB in size. It is very necessary to upgrade Facebook services, because not only it supports WhatsApp app but also other Facebook, Instagram & Facebook Messenger apps.

New WhatsApp Update

The biggest benefit of this update is, it has brought video calling feature to Tizen. Now you can video call to your other friends on Tizen, Android or Apple devices. The new update will solve all the previous problems users were having. The first major issue Date & Time problem has solved into it and no longer it will bother you. The other problem was, users were unable to send or download images, files, videos & audio formats from WhatsApp. Now the issue has solved and customers can download or send any files to their friends or family. The new version is very stable so it will not crash while using it in heavy usage. Make sure you are on stable internet connection like 3G or 4G to run it smoothly.

The new WhatsApp Messenger update is available on all Tizen smartphones. The Samsung Z4, Samsung Z2, Samsung Z3 & Samsung Z1 smartphones are all eligible to get the new version. To download & install new version go to Tizen Store and hit the update button. I have updated my WhatsApp app and it is working fine on my new Samsung Z4. You can share your app experience after upgrading it. Share your reviews in the comments box below. Also you can ask me any further question regarding the new WhatsApp update.