WhatsApp Messenger Gets Its Own Pack Of Emojis

Finally, after so much of years using Apple emojis, WhatsApp Messenger has finally created its own emoji set. Till this year the biggest social sharing app was using Apple’s emojis. You may be surprised with this information, but yes, it is true. These so many years WhatsApp was using Apple made emojis in its app. Now it has released its own pack. It is interesting, Apple never had problem with it when WhatsApp has used it almost 6 years. There is no any legal case for this and it looks Apple let WhatsApp to use these emojis in the app. Now no further issue Facebook team created their own bunch of emojis.

These new emojis are in some kind same as before, you will see only some difference into them. They have only made shadow over most of them. It may be they think it is better to go with same set instead of new creation to avoid any confusion between users.

WhatsApp Emoji Pack

Other problem with old emoji set was those all were not compatible with all smartphones. There are thousands of handsets into the market and it was impossible to taste on every devices. The new pack is fully supported on all mobile phones in the market. Just sure, you are on new WhatsApp app update.

After releasing its own emoji set, now the way is clear to Tizen users. In a near future update or later to that we can see these emojis own Tizen smartphones. Right now, emojis are not supported on any Tizen smartphones. This may change in next few updates. What do you think Tizen readers, will you welcome this WhatsApp move.

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