WhatsApp Messenger Removed From Tizen Store

The popular social sharing app WhatsApp Messenger has now removed from Tizen Store by official developers. Since few days WhatsApp was not working properly on any Tizen smartphones so finally Facebook developers decided to turn it down. This is another bad situation for Tizen users which are already in trouble due to the WhatsApp errors. On 23rd June, suddenly WhatsApp stopped working on all Tizen phones. When users open it, then it shows message, ‘Your phone date is inaccurate! Adjust your clock and try again’. The error comes even when the Time & Date on smartphones are on automatic mode. This error had never come before except some other problems. Due to the error almost all customers affected badly and now they are suffering.

To solve this problem many customers come with temporary solution so they could keep going until developers fix this issue permanently. If you don’t know how to fix WhatsApp problem then you can read our last article, how to solve WhatsApp Messenger problem in easy steps. For short summary I tell you you can change your phone’s current date to any previous date, this way your WhatsApp will work. Don’t forget to turn off Auto Set option in Date & Time setting to change the date.

WhatsApp Problem

This all work if you have WhatsApp Messenger on your smartphone. By mistake if you have uninstalled it in the chance to get new version then you are in now new trouble. There is no WhatsApp Messenger app in Tizen Store, well not now. Many users had uninstalled WhatsApp app from the device in the hope of new version but now there is none. Yesterday, Facebook developers has removed from Tizen Store so you have to wait until it comes back.

The reason developers might have removed WhatsApp is to solve the current date issue and update it with stable version. It is very popular in store so I don’t think they will permanently remove it from Tizen. Be patient, WhatsApp Messenger app will come back in Tizen Store in few days. Hope this time it works fine, without any bugs or glitches. How many of you have uninstalled WhatsApp from your device or how many of you have been facing many problems since the error appeared? Tell us in the comments box below.