How to Get WhatsApp Messages on Mi Band 3 & Band 4

Mi Band 4 has become a hit product in many countries and it has witnessed 1 million sales in the first week in its home country China. The Mi Band 3 has been awarded in many events for its advanced fitness features, durable hardware & cheaper price. Now Mi band 4 is going on the same path with few additional features. In the last two trackers Xiaomi has added essential elements that every user wants on their fitness gadgets. And getting app notifications on their devices can count in it. WhatsApp Messenger is app we see on all the smartphones & almost all users use it.

Now to make it easy for all customers to get an essential notification on their fitness band, Xiaomi has created a simple way to view all the messages. The first 2 Mi bands never had this facility but the newer models can get benefits from it. In this guidepost, I will explain you how to get WhatsApp messages on Mi Band 3 & Mi Band 4 fitness trackers. Follow these below steps to get the notifications.

Get WhatsApp Messages on Mi Band 3 & Band 4

Mi Band 4 WhatsApp1. Download WhatsApp on your smartphone & log in to it

To use the app you first need to download WhatsApp Messanger app on your paired smartphone. Install it & then log in to it.

2. Open Mi Fit app & go to Settings

On your smartphone open Mi Fit app. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, then download & install it first. It is the companion app for the Mi Bands so it is necessary to login to it. After successful sign in, go to Settings.

3. Now tap on App Alert

App Alert is the function that allows third-party apps to get messages or notifications on the band. To get the WhatsApp messages, enable the toggle button.

4. Enable ‘Only receives when the screen is off’ button

When you enable it then you will receive the messages when the phone screen is off. It is optional & if you want then you can activate it.

5. Now open Manage apps

The Manage apps menu is present on the same screen at the bottom side. Open it & you will see the app list to personalize them as per your need.

6. In the list, you will see ‘WhatsApp.’ Activate the button in front of it.

Activate the button in front of the WhatsApp to allow all the messages or notifications on your Mi Band 3 & Mi Band 4 trackers.

We know the fitness trackers are not capable of doing all things like smartphones & in some percentage, smartwatches perform. By following these steps you will not replace the WhatsApp app on your band but instead, you won’t miss any messages from the app. Ask the question if you found difficult to get the notifications on your Mi Band.

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