WhatsApp On Samsung Gear S3 & Gear Sport

WhatsApp is necessary or you can say essential app for every smartphones & wearables. All platforms have already got it on their devices with the regular updates. Android & Apple were the first to get it when it released and then it came to Windows as well as Tizen operating system. Now this is the time of Wearable gadgets, specially for smartwatches, where most customers want to look up more stuff on their wrists. More companies are focusing on their digital watches to make it next things. Samsung Gear S3 & Gear Sport are the top Samsung wearables in the market, comes with all features. The Galaxy App Store has many useful apps into it, like taxi sharing app Uber & music streaming app Spotify are available into store.

Now most users want to know whether popular social sharing app WhatsApp Messenger is available on Samsung Gear devices. If you want to know the truth then it is not directly available in App Store of Gear S3 or Gear Sport. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use WhatsApp on Samsung Gear S3 Frontier, Gear S3 Classic & Gear Sport devices. Instead of the app you will get notifications of WhatsApp on your main screen. It is impossible to download app from the store so you can follow these steps to get all your WhatsApp notifications on the devices.

WhatsApp on Gear Sport

There is only one step you have to follow here, just go to Manage Notification option in Settings and activate notifications of WhatsApp App. Here you can activate notifications of all the apps or you can deactivate if you don’t want to receive notifications. After activation, now you will receive notifications on your home screen. To see new messages or notifications just swipe your home screen to the left. That’s it, here you can read all incoming messages.

To get all notifications on your Samsung smartwatch, you first pair your Gear S3 or Gear Sport with your smartphone. After that download WhatsApp on the smartphone and login to it. Your smartphone & smartwatch will then automatically sync app data and show you notifications on the main screen of smartwatch.

This works on both Samsung Gear S3 & Gear Sport smartwatches. Connect your device with your smartphone & get all your messages on your Gear watch. After two years & after the launch of Galaxy Watch & Galaxy Watch Active, both Samsung smartwatches are still popular in market. If you found any difficulties in getting notifications then let me know so I will guide you. Don’t forget to share this information with your other friends.


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