WhatsApp Payment Service Finally Started in Brazil

WhatsApp Payment service previously scheduled to start in 2017 but stopped due to many approvals from authorities in major countries. Now, by dealing with all the odds finally, WhatsApp Payment is coming to users. The service has now officially started in Brazil with a global launch in a few months. The payment service allows users to make transactions with the saved contacts and other formats. The Facebook-owned app today made an announcement in the country and says from this day users can send the money.

to send the money to your friends the app will not charge users. The charge is only for WhatsApp Business accounts. WhatsApp will charge 3.99% for business users. Two years ago, WhatsApp or Facebook had taken a trial to start the service but it had to put on hold. Many countries disapproved of the payment system for some reason. India also one of those regions that declined it by saying Facebook doesn’t have any offline presence in the country. Now, the recent deal between Reliance Jio & Facebook opened the door for further business plans.

WhatsApp Payment

The money sent by users will be powered by the Facebook Pay service. Instead of making new system, the app has joined with the parent company to handle all the money. to make digital transactions on WhatsApp, you have to create a 6-digit PIN or fingerprint for authentication. At current only banks with debit & credit card support in the country. Later, the company will expand its services to the other banks. the next stop for the WhatsApp Payment will be India.