WhatsApp Postponed Launch Date Of Video Calling Feature

The bad news arrived about WhatsApp Messenger that the video calling feature on their app is now postponed for another date. The all WhatsApp users were exiting for their video calling feature but after this decision users have to wait for next future date. First note that WhatsApp never announced that they are going to introduce video calling in their app, some users were found this new feature in their Android app and after that everyone were guessing about its launch date.

But looks like WhatsApp developers noticed that everyone trying to use their untested feature and that’s a reason they removed it from Android app.

WhatsApp developers need some more time to test new feature and they don’t want to introduce weak feature to their users. Before some months they already introduced voice calling feature for their every possible mobile platforms. The Voice calling is now working finely on their all app, even on Tizen it’s working properly.


The video calling is the kind of function which everyone need. Many users doesn’t want to use Skype due to its some limitations, and after the launch of WhatsApp’s calling feature those limitations would be gone and we could use free feature.

Take this in mind that there is no official announcement from WhatsApp and they never said anything about their new feature, so it is better to wait for next some weeks. Sure, they are testing it that mean they will launch video calling feature for their all users including Tizen, but the question is when they will do it, this month or next month, no one knows that at this time. Any guess readers when they will introduce this feature.