WhatsApp Released New Business App

Instant messaging service WhatsApp has released new WhatsApp Business App for business persons. This app is specially designed for small-scale businesses so they can easily connect with customers. Nowadays all smartphone users are using WhatsApp including youngsters, Grandparents, College going and business persons also. Since many years WhatsApp is free to use, not charging single penny to use it or promoting your business. Before 2014 it was charging $0.99 for one year but later made it free by Facebook after the acquisition of the company.

This app is only for business concern so all small business can use this amazing app easily. Once the app gets download, customers have to set up their account to access it. On this business app’s profile page companies can upload some additional information about their work or related to business like official e-mail ID, website, description of work etc. so it will be helpful for customers to get more information about that.

WhatsApp Business App

The company said WhatsApp Business users can connect with normal WhatsApp messenger, they don’t need to download another separate but WhatsApp. This app also has a messaging tool to stay connected with customers for a longer time, to introduce their business to new customers and send quick replies to provide fast service and many more. This account gets marked as a business account to easily identify it, means every business have to register their two different contact numbers at two different WhatsApp accounts so all the contacts of businesses can’t get merged into regular WhatsApp messages.

This app is already released in the U.S, U.K, Italy, Indonesia and Mexico but the sad thing is this app is not available in Brazil and India which are the biggest markets of WhatsApp. May be company will launch it in next few months. WhatsApp Business is now available on devices store for free so you can download it easily for free of cost. Right now it is only available from Android Play Store. Soon it will launch on other platforms including Apple App Store.