WhatsApp Testing QR Code to Add or Share WhatsApp Contacts

You have many times used QR Code to invite friends or pay the bills in restaurants or online platforms. It is common these days to use QR codes for various usage. Now the facility is coming to WhatsApp Messenger, the largest social sharing platform. As per the new report, WhatsApp is testing on QR code to add the contacts. At the moment, we share our contacts with another person, and then they add us to their contact list or vise versa. To do that, we have to open the Phone app, save their number and then send Hi/Hello message from the app.

Now, with the new feature, you don’t have to give your number or ask them. Just tap on the QR code option, and they will be your WhatsApp buddies. When you show the QR code, then your name and the number will automatically generate. The feature is still in work, and the developers need to know everything is working fine and securely. It is in a beta mode for both iOS & Android devices, and soon in the future update, users will get it.

WhatsApp QR Code Update

Like the payment method and the other QR generators, the app will also let you create your personal QR code and send it via emails, on social media, or shares it as image. Well, this way, an unknown person can scan the QR, but you can revoke your older QR code any time by replacing the new one. In the previous update, WhatsApp has unlocked up to 8 person video chat, one account on multiple devices, and Messanger Room services for users. Now, again, yet another essential update will be headed to the users.