Why Expert RAW App Doesn’t Support on your Galaxy Phone

In 2021, Samsung launched the Expert RAW app to enhance photography on Galaxy devices. It was first launched on Galaxy S21 Ultra, and later it slowly came to other Galaxy devices. There is no doubt after the launch of this amazing app, the user experience with a camera has doubled. Thanks to its plenty of advanced features anyone can take pro-level photos. It allows us to unlock the full potential of our smartphone camera. With this app, we can capture photos in 16-bit RAW, which results in far better images.

There are many advantages of having an Expert RAW app on your phone like astrophotography, long exposures, unlock pro mode, fully manual camera control, and many more. It also includes camera assistant features that have its own tons of functions.

Overall, Expert RAW is the app you can’t simply avoid on your Galaxy phone. If it is that important for your photography or videography, then why it is not available on your smartphone?

You may have this question too you have purchased one of the best mid-range phones like Galaxy A73, Galaxy A53, or Galaxy S21 FE, but still, you don’t get the Expert RAW app on your device.

Well, I will explain why it is only supported on some flagship models but not on others.

Expert RAW App

Here are the requirements to support the Expert RAW app on any device.

The first requirement is that the device should run on Exynos 990 or higher, and/or Snapdragon 865 or higher chipsets. The second requirement is the smartphone should have a minimum of 8GB RAM. Well, these days most phones have 8GB RAM, so there is no problem with that. But the main requirement here is the device must offer 2x optical zoom in a telephoto lens.

And most of the devices lack first and third requirements, so they don’t support the app. Here is the list of Galaxy devices that support the Expert RAW app.

Galaxy S22 series

Galaxy S23 series

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Galaxy Z Fold 2

Galaxy Fold 3

Galaxy Fold 4

Galaxy Flip 3

Galaxy Flip 4

Galaxy S20 Ultra

If you are using any of these devices, then you can download the app from Galaxy Store.