Why You Can’t Install Apps From Unknown Sources

Every day many Tizen customers ask me questions about Unknown Sources & why they can’t install apps from third party developers on Tizen. Well, their question is valid, because many users have switched from Android platform where they had permission to install apps from unknown sources. This option is disabled on Tizen platform. It will not allow you to download apps from other medium, only allow installation from Tizen Store. Users can only download & install apps from Tizen Store. This is for your phone’s security. In the past some users tried to install apps from Android or iPhone to Tizen but it wasn’t successful.

Believe me, it is for your own security & privacy. Your most recommended apps will come to Tizen but you have to give some time to Tizen developers and they will show you their best work. Now many Android apps like Modern Combat 5, Temple Run 2, Fruit Ninja, IMO Free Video Calling, Opera Mini browser and social services tool Telegram have existed in the store.

Now you may have questions why they do this, why they don’t give freedom to users to install whatever apps they want? Well, from the user’s perspective it is true, users have full freedom to install any apps. But the main problem is with such third party apps they are not always trustworthy. May be Google, Twitter or Snapchat apps are secure to download but we can’t say anything about other cheap apps, which downloaded from spammed websites.

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Such apps contains many harmful functions that can stole confedential or personal information from your phone. Some apps can even cause to hang your device and in some condition it even kill your mobile.

Unknown Sources Tizen

We heard many times that many viruses have attacked on Android operating system. And the result, many customers have lost their personal information to unknown groups.

Recently, the Googligan virus infected 1 millions Android users. It harmed almost all mobiles, by stealing their email IDs, password and by rooting their smartphones. This virus came into phone when customers downloaded apps from third party websites, which were included with Googligan viruses.

Before this, many times hackers targeted Android operating system to take advantage of its poor coding and structure. Because Android gives permission to users to install apps from any sites & APK files. Compare to Android, iOS is somehow secure OS. Now it won’t allow anyone install third party apps.

That’s a reason Tizen only allow its customers install apps from Tizen Store, the most secure way to get any apps. Sure, many apps are not present in the store, but I think with the time all necessary apps will come to Tizen.

Unknown sources option is missing on Tizen smartphones. Even if you want to try, you can’t install apps from unknown sources and there is no option to get it. Do you have any questions regarding Unknown Sources feature, then you can ask me in the comments box below.